There's more to your work wardrobe than the traditional black and white suit.

How Can a Girl Mix Up Her Work Wardrobe?

by Nakita Rowell-Stevens

In an attempt to be conservative and professional, your work wardrobe can easily become boring and predictable. However, fashion and trends do have a place within the workplace. No one ever said that you have to compromise style for professionalism. There is a way to spice up your work wardrobe by adding accents like vivid colors, accessories and statement-making shoes.

1. Pop of Color

A pop of color adds life to any outfit. Color can add dimension to an ensemble when used as either a focal point or an accent. Choose bright colors that will add life to your outfit like like a rich red, cobalt blue or tangerine. Try a colorful red or blue A-line style dress with simple accessories to accentuate your color choice while remaining professional. If you prefer to add just a drop of color to your outfit, opt for a traditional black suit with a colorful printed scarf or a bright cami under your blazer.

2. Blazers

Blazers are no longer dull and boring. In fact, modifications on cut, fit and sleeve length have made them a hot fashion staple. Skip the boring black, navy and khaki jackets in your closet. Instead, trade those in for a solid or patterned blazer to take your professional look up a notch. If your style is more conservative, opt for a blazer in more muted colors such as cream or taupe with stylish accents like pockets, buttons and pleats.

3. Accessorize

Accessories are the easiest way to spice up any wardrobe. A bold necklace can make a statement with a simple white shirt, while sparkly earrings can amp up a basic black dress. If you are wearing a blouse or dress with accents like ruffles or lace, minimize your accessories to something simple like a a drop pendant and a single bangle bracelet. Belts can also add style to your outfit. A wide belt lends shape to your ensemble while highlighting your curves, while skinny belts work best as an accent in a fun or unexpected color. For example, a simple black pencil skirt with a white cardigan can be livened up with a bright red skinny belt.

4. Shoes

Shoes work well as style statement makers. Like your accessories, shoes can add a pop of color to an otherwise dull ensemble or simply bring another layer of style. Since shoe varieties abound, take a walk on the wild side and invest in a good pair of animal print or patterned shoes. If you opt to wear a pair of shoes with a lot of style like a pattern or print, go minimal with your outfit. For example, wear a pair of leopard pumps with your black pants suit or espresso-brown dress. Your work wardrobe does not have to be dull and boring; and chances are, you already have what you need to spice it up.

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