How to Clean the Fabric Softener Dispenser on a GE Profile

by Shelley Marie

The GE Profile washing machine includes a drawer compartment that holds and dispenses fabric softener, bleach and detergent. With regular use, the fabric softener dispenser can become clogged with residue which limits its ability to dispense the softener into the wash cycle. This buildup can also harbor bacteria. The GE website recommends cleaning the dispenser once or twice a month. Cleanup doesn't require any chemicals. Water and an old toothbrush are all you need to keep the dispenser clean and fresh.

1 Pull the dispenser drawer completely open. Press down and hold the lock tab in the right rear corner of the drawer cavity and pull the drawer.

2 Remove the fabric softener and detergent inserts and rinse them thoroughly with hot water to remove any residue. Use an old toothbrush or small brush to scrub away any tough buildup. Rinse the drawer with hot water, too.

3 Clean out the drawer cavity with the toothbrush and hot water.

4 Dry the inserts and drawer, as well as the drawer cavity with a cloth. Replace the inserts in the drawer and slide the drawer back into place.

Items you will need

  • Old toothbrush or small brush
  • Cloth