Demi Lovato pairs her brown boots with a white dress for contrast.

Clothes That Go With Brown Boots

by Pamela Simmons

Brown boots are a stylish staple in many women's wardrobes. This versatile shoe works with a variety of outfits and can be styled in a number of ways, ranging from feminine to equestrian. Whether you're looking to go casual or to get a little sexy, there's a brown-boot look to fit every woman's taste.

1. Show Some Leg

Make your brown boots part of your spring and summer wardrobe by wearing them with shorts. Because brown is a neutral shade, your boots will work with a variety of colors. Denim shorts are the easiest match and work with tees and blouses in a myriad of styles and fabrics. Juxtapose lighter and darker shades by pairing your dark-brown boots with white shorts. Keep the look clean and add a white tank with a brown belt.

2. Feminine Flair

Whether your brown boots are flat or heeled, they'll work well with a skirt. In the winter, slip on a pair of tights to keep your legs warm. A skirt in a sturdier material like wool or tweed keeps you cozy. Add a chunky sweater on top in either cream or taupe for the ultimate softness. Transition your summer skirt to fall, utilizing the same approach. In warmer months, skirts in lighter fabrics -- sans tights -- do the trick. A simple t-shirt or tank works on top. If it's a little breezy, add a denim or leather jacket.

3. Ladylike Dress

The same tricks that apply to skirts also work for dresses. A flowy dress in a floral print makes your boots much more interesting, while sweater dresses pair well with tights in the winter. Keep in mind that unless you opt for a stiletto heel, your boots will dress your frock down a bit. Maxi dresses give your style a dash of bohemian glam, and their breezy vibe works well with boots.

4. Equestrian Chic

Brown boots lend themselves well to the equestrian look. Start by tucking a pair of jeans into your boots. Skinny-fit pants that won't bunch work best with this style. Any wash of denim will work, but a a darker blue and an oxford blouse keeps the outfit conservative. Top with a preppy blazer in gray or navy blue, and you'll have a winning Ivy League look.

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