Instead of paper letters, you can create your characters with wood or craft foam.

How to Decorate Letters for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

Trying to keep your little munchkin's attention when it comes to learning can be trying. She wants to play with her baby doll, and that's it! Fortunately, all it takes is a bit of creativity and you'll have her learning her ABCs in no time at all. Preschoolers generally love the way stories bring inanimate objects to life, and it definitely gets their attention. You can do the same thing with the alphabet by turning each letter into a little character to display on her wall.

1. The Basic Letters

1 Cut out one of each large and lower case letter of the alphabet from the poster board. Now, it will look like each "big" letter has a little "baby" letter.

2. The Basic Letters

2 Get your little guy to put a pair of googly eyes on each of the letters. He can pick where he wants them to go, but help him arrange them so they look like a pair of eyes.

3. The Basic Letters

3 Cut out hand and arm shapes from a variety of different materials. Make some from construction paper, foam sheets, metallic poster board or card stock, and felt. You'll need a total of 104 arms and hands to decorate each of the letters. Glue a pair of arms with hands onto each of your letters.

4. The Basic Letters

4 Make some foot and leg shapes from the same types of materials. Glue these in place on each of the letters, but use a different material on a letter than it has for its hands.

5. The Basic Letters

5 Cut some little pieces of string or very thin strips of felt. Glue some on top of each letter to make hair. You can get creative here too and use pieces of pulled apart pieces of cotton balls or thin strips of tissue paper instead.

6. Alphabet Characters

1 Transform the letter "O" into an octopus. Cut out eight long, thin "legs" and glue these along the bottom of the letter. Add your googly eyes along the top of the letter and glue the mouth to the bottom.

7. Alphabet Characters

2 Add a jester's hat to the letter "J"; make a witch's hat for the letter "W" and crowns for kingly and queenly letters "K" and “Q”.

8. Alphabet Characters

3 Cut a little cloth mask and make some eye slits and turn the letter "Z" into the notorious masked Zorro. Make "B" a baseball player with a baseball hat and a "D" for doggy with a pair of ears and a tail.

9. Alphabet Characters

4 Transform the letter "A" into a little angel with a little paper halo and a pair of wings, and add a fairy to the alphabet with an extra pair of wings for the letter "F".

10. Alphabet Characters

5 Turn the letter "R" into Peter Rabbit with a pair of rabbit ear cutouts and a tiny cotton ball tail. If you'd prefer to save the bunny ears for a letter “H” hare, turn the letter “R” into Little Red Riding Hood with a red paper hood and cape.

Items you will need

  • Poster board
  • Googly eyes (52 pairs)
  • Craft glue
  • Construction paper
  • Craft foam sheets
  • Metallic poster board (or card stock)
  • Felt
  • String (cotton balls and tissue paper optional)


  • If your little guy doesn't want the exciting activity to end, that's okay. they don't call mothers the queens of ingenuity for nothing, right? Hand over a box of crayons or pencil crayons and let him add his own special decorations to each of his new alphabet characters.

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