You can even add design touches in the bathroom by decorating recessed niches.

How to Decorate a Recessed Niche

by Heather Montgomery

Finding successful ways to decorate the recessed niches in your home might cause a design conundrum. Builders have added recessed niches to many recent homes for some structural interest. You don't have to cringe every time you walk by an empty niche -- it can be a visual gold mine. Use a little creativity and tailoring to your design style to make a recessed niche the focal point of the room, amazing your friends and family and convincing them you are a design genius.

1. Painting

To highlight the niche and add some contrast to the room, paint the inside a different color than the surrounding wall. The eye will be drawn to the change in color, and the small area within the niche gives you a chance to use the paint color that you thought might overwhelm the room on the larger walls. Choose bold, bright colors such as a bright blue or green; tie the color into the rest of the room with throw pillows or bedding sets that include the same color.

2. Shelves

If your niche is just one open space, add some shelves to create more area to display your family portraits, memorabilia or knickknacks. Measure the niche width, and purchase premade shelves at the hardware store. Secure the shelves to the wall using L-brackets; paint them a contrasting color or leave them as plain wood, depending on your design concept.

3. Lettering

Instead of adding trinkets to the niche, display your family motto, a favorite quote or your family’s favorite saying on the niche wall using vinyl lettering. If you have a vinyl-lettering machine you can make the words yourself, or find a retailer that will make custom lettering signs. Follow the instructions to place the lettering on the wall. You can also paint in stenciled letters. If there is still space available in the niche, place or hang your favorite framed family portraits or candid shots.

4. Wallpaper

Draw the eye to the niche using a wallpaper print instead of paint. This design allows you to use a print that you love but might not want plastered on a large space. Pick a print with the same color palette as the walls and fabrics in the room, or go with textured wallpaper that you can paint the color of your choice.

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