Choose the perfect shoes to reduce a tripping hazard.

How to Not Trip in a Floor-Length Dress

by Angela Tague

Long, flowing maxi dresses dominate a busy mom's wardrobe. Floor-length dresses are comfortable, quick to put on, don't require much styling and make you look put together even after a long night up with the baby. But what about the length? If you're new to this fashion, be warned of the potential tripping hazard. If the floor-length dress doesn't fit perfectly, you might find yourself stumbling a bit. Thankfully, this is easy to fix with some carefully chosen accessories and basic sewing.

1 Slip the floor-length dress on. Put on the pair of shoes you want to wear with the dress.

2 Walk across the room to test the length. If your shoes get caught on the fabric, change to a pair of height-boosting heels. Choose kitten heels for a slight 1- to 2-inch lift. Try 3-inch wedge sandals for more height and stability.

3 Practice walking in the new shoes. If accessorizing with taller kicks doesn't do the trick, it's time to sew.

4 Use a tape measure to determine how much fabric to hem. To remain floor-length, measure how far the fabric flows past the skin just above the bottom of your heel.

5 Fold the fabric to the inside of the dress and create a new hemline using a sewing needle and thread or a sewing machine. If you can't sew, use duct tape as a temporary fix.

6 Try on the hemmed dress with the shoes you wish to wear. Flats will keep the dress floor-length, while heels elevate the hemline off the floor a few inches.

Items you will need

  • High-heeled shoes
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing needle
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine, optional
  • Duct tape, optional
  • Scissors


  • If you don't sew, ask a tailor at a bridal shop or seamstress at a dry cleaner for a quote on hemming the dress.

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