A pyramid of rolled towels along a shelf adds a quick decorative touch in a bathroom.

How to Roll & Display Bath Towels

by Amanda Bell

When purposefully displayed, towels add a soft elegance to a bathroom or linen closet. Rolling the towels, as opposed to folding them, opens up your presentation options and affords a host of other benefits; namely, it’s much easier for a child to learn to roll her towel than to fold it, which means your kids can help keep the bathroom neat and tidy. Mix hooks, some at child-friendly levels, for drying the towels after use: A rolled wet towel will soon become musty.

1. A Perfectly Rolled Towel

1 Lay a bath towel open and flat on a table. Fold it in half lengthwise.

2. A Perfectly Rolled Towel

2 Begin rolling the towel from one end. Adjust the towel as necessary to keep the rolled portion in line with the edges. Roll it tightly for a streamlined, elegant look or a bit looser for a more casual effect.

3. A Perfectly Rolled Towel

3 Lay the towel seam side down when finished to keep it rolled.

4. Display Ideas

1 Arrange the rolled towels vertically in a wide umbrella holder. Place this on the floor in the bathroom or in a linen closet on a tall shelf.

5. Display Ideas

2 Place the towels on a bathroom or linen closet shelf pointing outward, displaying the spiral design the rolling created. In the bathroom, use a shelf that has hooks below it to dry wet towels.

6. Display Ideas

3 Slide tightly rolled towels onto a wine rack, one towel per holder. A wood rack adds warmth to a bathroom outfitted in cooler colors, while a metal rack is typically thin, displaying more of the towel.

7. Display Ideas

4 Create a pyramid of towels inside of a cube organizer or along a shelf. Arrange one row of rolled towels along the bottom and then a second row right on top, nestled in between the two towels below. Repeat this process, working your way upward, until the shelf or cube is filled.

8. Display Ideas

5 Install a decorative rolled towel holder on the bathroom wall or on the back of the door. This features sets of two deep hooks, spaced a bit apart, that allow you to lay the rolled towel on the rack horizontally.

9. Display Ideas

6 Collect rolled towels, either vertically or horizontally, in a basket. Place this under a pedestal sink, near the shower, in a linen closet or atop a larger vanity.

10. Display Ideas

7 Stack the towels inside of a decorative magazine rack. This makes grabbing a fresh towel easy and putting towels away simple for younger kids.

Items you will need

  • Umbrella holder
  • Wine rack
  • Cube organizer
  • Shelf
  • Decorative towel holder
  • Basket
  • Magazine rack
  • Hooks
  • Installation hardware
  • Drill with various bits


  • Mix and match different-colored bath towels for a more exciting display, either grouping colors together or alternating them.

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