Stave off boredom with these toys.

The Best Toy for a 4-Year-Old Girl

by Nicole Harms

Christmas, birthdays, preschool graduations--it seems like there are always opportunities to give your little girl a present these days. Yet, when you are spending your hard-earned money on a plaything for your preschooler, you want to be sure that she will actually use it, not toss it in the corner. Toys that capitalize on her growing skills and give her an outlet for her creativity, all while being just a little girly, are ideal for 4-year-old girls.

1. Books

Four years old is the age when early literacy skills are established, according to In fact, this is the prime age for showering your daughter with books on topics or highlighting characters she loves. If you can introduce her to books and reading early, she is going to do much better in language and reading activities when she starts school. Now, she may not be the next Shakespeare or write a Nobel-prize winning essay in kindergarten, but she will be better primed to love reading and writing.

2. A Doll

Watch a group of 4-year-olds outside for a few minutes, and suddenly your backyard transforms from a bunch of grass, sticks and trees to a magical castle complete with dragons, knights in shining armor and a princess in distress. These are the years of imaginative play, and this makes a doll an excellent toy. Your 4-year-old may be outgrowing the baby dolls and bottles, but fashion dolls or dollhouses will allow her to develop a sense of style while continuing to feed her growing imagination.

3. Art Set

Just a couple of years ago, you probably hid the markers and paints for fear of losing your couch or your hallway to the creativity of your budding Picasso. Now, your daughter has a bit more self-control, as well as the dexterity to keep her drawings on the paper. This is an ideal age to let her creativity explode with an art set that includes washable products. Paints, markers, scissors, glue and even an easel will let her create as much as she wants. Just be sure to clear off the refrigerator first so you have ample space to display her creations.

4. A Bike

Encourage your daughter to go outside and play with a colorful bike with training wheels. At 4, she is ready to learn the mechanics of pedaling and even get a basic start on learning to balance. Grab one with sparkles and tassels on the handlebars so she will feel like a princess riding down the sidewalk. Be prepared for spills with plenty of bandages and the right safety gear, including a helmet.

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