To extend the life of your polyester clothing, steam them with a warm iron.

How to Take Wrinkles Out of Polyester With Steam

by Mimi Abney

Polyester is a durable, man-made fabric used to create trendy and stylish apparel and fashionable home decor items. When you discover a few wrinkles in your favorite polyester pieces, you do not have to send them to the dry cleaner for an expensive laundering or pressing treatment. In fact, an at-home steaming treatment is a gentle method to get rid of wrinkles without harming or scorching the polyester fibers. Using hot water, expert fabric-care tips and a steady hand, you can release the unsightly wrinkles safely and easily.

1. Steam Clothing By Ironing

1 Set the iron on a low-temperature and steam setting. Add water to the iron’s internal reservoir. Wait for the iron to release steam before pressing the garment.

2. Steam Clothing By Ironing

2 Turn the polyester garment inside out. Lay the item flat on the ironing board.

3. Steam Clothing By Ironing

3 Hold the iron two to three inches above the wardrobe item. Move the iron quickly, using an up-and-down motion across the fabric, to release the wrinkles.

4. Steam Clothing By Ironing

4 Let the garment cool for five minutes on a padded hanger or on the ironing board. If you touch the garment while it is warm you may reintroduce the wrinkles into the fabric.

5. Steam Drapes and Home Furnishing Items

1 Turn on your handheld steamer. Add water to the device. Place the steamer on the lowest steam setting.

6. Steam Drapes and Home Furnishing Items

2 Sweep the steamer across the polyester items to remove the wrinkles. To get rid of stubborn creases in the fabric, touch the head of the steamer lightly against the fabric for two seconds or less.

7. Steam Drapes and Home Furnishing Items

3 Hang your lightweight draperies and table runners on a hanger. Run hot water in the bathroom shower to create steam for a few minutes. Place the home decor items near the shower for 20 minutes or less to relax the creases in the fabric.

Items you will need

  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Handheld steamer
  • Padded hanger
  • Spray bottle


  • For deep creases in your dresses, pants or suits that do not respond to steaming, spray the item first with water from a spray bottle. Press the clothing with an iron on a low setting to remove the wrinkles.


  • If you cannot release the wrinkles with steam, take the polyester item to the dry cleaner for a professional pressing treatment.


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