Recreate the look of glamorous '50s-style bedrooms.

1950s Hollywood Glam Bedroom

by Anya Deason

Hollywood is known for Regency style, a version of 19th-century, Empire-style decor that first emerged on the classic sets of 1930s black-and-white films. By the 1950s, Hollywood Regency style had merged with the pastel palette and bigger-than-life optimism of post-WWII-era residential design. Whether you prefer the original ultra-feminine slant or a more modern version, 1950s Hollywood style is a natural fit for today's large-scale bedrooms. If you find yourself dreaming of a bedroom fit for Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Doris Day, you can decorate it to simulate the sweeping, pastel grandeur of a 1950s glam Hollywood bedroom.

1950s Glam Furniture

Nothing exudes 1950s glamour like an arched, button-tufted headboard in the favored '50s shades: aqua or pink. A matching silky bedspread and pillow arrangement directs attention to an Empire-style bench with outward-turned rolled arms. A light, French Provincial, cane-back chair adds to the glam as does a floor-to-ceiling standing mirror. For a modern '50s Hollywood bedroom, consider a rectangular, button-tufted headboard and a white, barrel-shaped, cane-back chair. Opt for a white, lacquered faux-bamboo chair.


On 1950s film sets, bedroom walls were often light-toned, featuring the ice cream palette of that era. Paint walls in light aqua, peach, yellow or "Mamie pink," named for First Lady Mamie Eisenhower. Black and gray accents balance the large, pastel expanses. Gilded frames in symmetrical arrangements also have a 1950s feel. In a glam bedroom, use wallpaper sparingly to avoid disrupting the flow of expansive space.


Carpet was all the rage in the 1950s, and it was the floor covering of choice on Hollywood film sets. The unified continuity provided by light-colored carpet and matching walls is an underlying reason for the sense of spaciousness in 1950s Hollywood bedrooms. Match light aqua carpet to walls, thereby enlarging the stage for a silky bedspread, creamy French-finish furniture and gilded or reflective accessories.


A crystal chandelier is a natural choice in a large 1950s bedroom, especially a 1950s-style cylindrical chandelier. Its airy but formal feel corresponds with silky upholstery. A more modern 1950s look includes wall sconces flanking a headboard or nightstand lamps with large, bulbous ceramic bases and wide, round shades. Lacquered bamboo lamps with barrel-shaped bases also add a touch of '50s vintage glamour.


Hollywood glam windows feature full-scale window treatments, including overlapping swags and long curtain tails that correspond with silky, luxurious bedspread fabric. A sheer under-curtain adds glimmering natural light. Drapery also provides an avenue to include patterned designs without disrupting the spatial flow. For a more modern glam bedroom, hang tall curtain panels in shimmering solid fabric without the use of tiebacks.

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