Decipher your teen's text and chat messages.

Abbreviations Used by Teens

by Heather Montgomery

Most teens use text speak, which shortens the amount of typing they need do to convey a message or as a way to say something that you can't decipher. Learning what the common abbreviations mean can help you keep an eye on your teen and might even help you communicate better with him when you text him.

Common Shorthand

Not everything a teen writes in a text message is nefarious. Teens use abbreviations for common phrases to save characters -- some social media sites and text messages have a character limit. Some of the common abbreviations you might see on your teen’s phone or computer are LOL for laughing out loud, OMG for oh my God, BRB for be right back, TTYL for talk to you later, IDK for I don't know, OH for overheard, WTH for what the heck and TMI for too much information. Most of those abbreviations just use the first letters of the words she is typing, so if you find one you have never seen before, try to figure out the abbreviation that way and by looking at the context of the message.

Abbreviations of Concern

Some teens use abbreviations to hide the meaning from a parent or teacher. Some abbreviations that might be of concern to you are PAW for parents are watching, MOS or DOS for mom or day over shoulder, CD9 or Code 9 means a parent is around, WTPA for where's the party at, B/F for boyfriend/girlfriend, FWB for friends with benefits and KPC for keeping parents clueless.

Chat Room/IM Abbreviations

With the ability to connect with strangers around the world, a seemingly innocent chat room or IM conversation might be cause for concern. Some common chat speak abbreviations to be wary of are ASL for age, sex, location, NIFOC for naked in front of computer, IWSN for I want sex now, GYPO for get your pants Off, LMIRL for let's meet in real life, TDTM for talk dirty to me, Pron for porn and ILU for I love you.

Drug Abbreviations

Just like text speak, teens often use other names for common drugs, according to WebMD. Some of the common slang to look for are 420 for Weed, DXM for cough suppressant, Special K for ketamine, Crunk for getting high and drunk, Snow for cocaine, X for Ecstasy, Kibbles and Bits for Ritalin and Cheese for a mix of heroin and Tylenol PM.

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