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Activities on Bells for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

The more noise the better, right? At least, that’s the perspective of most preschoolers. If your little munchkin loves noisemakers as much as every other little guy, why not introduce him to the “melodious” music of bells with some easy at-home bell crafts and activities. Just prepare yourself for lots of noise as he shares his enthusiasm for the crafts, or make sure you have a pair of earplugs handy.

Drinking Cup Bell

Teach your little munchkin how to be recycling savvy and make some decorations for his room at the same time. Start with an empty paper or plastic cup and cover the outside of it with aluminum foil or colored paper. Skip right to the bell-making or enjoy a cup of coffee while he decorates the bell with stickers, glitter or markers. Now, poke the bottom center of the cup with a nail. You don’t want the hole to big, so avoid rundown pencils and stick with something as narrow as the nail. Attach a tiny bell to the end of a string or a piece of ribbon and slide the other end up through the hole in the cup. Tie it in a knot to hold it in place and voila -- his very first homemade bell.

Jingle Bells

If a single bell just won’t do, how about a strand of bells to decorate her room at Christmastime (or anytime!) Start with a long piece of garland or have your creative little guy make his own from some string and green construction paper. Now have him make a few individual bells or skip this step and get some from a local craft store. You’ll want at least one bell for every 6 to 8 inches of garland. Attach each bell to a piece of ribbon or a pipe cleaner and tie it around the garland. That’s it! A handmade decoration you can treasure for years to come.

Handle Bar Bells

If your preschooler has a flare for what’s fashionable, why not let her add some bling to her bike with a pair of handle bar bells? Cut several lengths of flagging tape (you can pick some up at a local hardware store). Make some of the pieces different lengths and tie all of them together in the center. Have your little fashionista thread some small bells onto each string and then tie the end of each to keep the bells in place. Now all you have to do is wrap the center of the tape around her bike’s handle bars and she’ll be bike riding in style.

Bell Treats

They may not jingle, but they’re everybody’s favorite kind of bell. How about a bell activity in the kitchen with cookie dough, cookie cutters and tasty decorations? Start with a little mommy-and-me time while you prepare a batch of sugar cookies together. Let him cut them into bell shapes with different size cookie cutters and then sit back and relax for a few minutes while the scent of baking cookies permeates your kitchen. Now it’s time to let your creative little preschooler take the reins as he decorates each one of those scrumptious bell-shaped treats with colored icing and sugars, chewy candies and candy coated chocolates.

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