Keep your cutie happy with activities in the area.

Activities for Children in Bridgeport, WV

by Amy Sutton

Bridgeport is nestled along the Simpson Creek in the northern portion of West Virginia. This tiny town is home to only around 8,000 residents. If you're a mommy in the Bridgeport area, you'll find there are some fantastic activities nearby to keep your busy body occupied -- and you know just how important that is.

Rainy Day Activities

Looking for something to do on a rainy day? Head on over to the Bridgeport Library (no website; 1200 Johnson Ave., Bridgeport; 304-842-8248). You can either snuggle up with your cutie pie in the children's section and share some stories or participate in some of the programs offered. Attend Mother Goose on the Loose with your toddler or preschooler where she'll learn about pre-phonics, word and number recognition and get to socialize with other little ones. Sign your little one up for Little Explorers through the Parks and Recreation Department ( This is a free program for your 3 to 5 year old where she can participate in hands-on science experiments and learn about things like animals, rocks and the human body. Little Explorers meets weekly with a new theme every month.

Outdoor Activities

Pick a hot summer day and take your kiddo to the Bridgeport public swimming pool (no website; 164 West Main St., Bridgeport; 304-842-8240). Splash and play water games in the big pool or watch your little fish jump around in the toddler pool. There are also some swimming programs your child can take part in. He can join Tad Poles where he'll learn about the basics of swimming and water safety. During other parts of the year you can participate in the events that take place in Bridgeport. Around the holidays, you can watch the Christmas parade or have some hot cocoa with Santa. In the fall, attend Hay Bales and Tall Tales for ghost stories, a hay ride, tall tales and games in the park. These events are planned through the Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department (

Parks and Trails

Head out to Bridgeport City Park (no website; 164 West Main St., Bridgeport; 304-842-8240) to let your little munchkin run off some of her stored-up energy. She can climb, swing and play on the playground and then you can have a picnic together under a shady tree. Bridgeport is home to some fantastic walking trails as well ( Choose one of the longer trails, like the 2.98 mile trail to take a bike ride with your little one. This trail makes a complete loop around part of the city and can be accessed at Compton Park or near the Bridgeport High School. Start at the Civic Center and go on the shorter .75 mile trail to take a little nature hike that goes through some wooded areas and ends just after you make your way through the Bridgeport City Park. See who can spot the most wildlife along the way.


Sign your little guy up for a class to keep him active. Kindermusik with Carla ( is perfect for your toddler or preschooler. Our Time is designed for 1 1/2- to 3 1/2-year-olds, and Imagine That is for your 3 1/2 to 5-year-old. He can experiment with instruments, sing songs and enjoy stories. Maybe karate is more his speed? Check out Casey's Black Belt Academy ( Your preschooler can take the Tiny Tigers class where he'll learn about respect, honor, loyalty, self-control and setting goals. It will also help him to improve motor skills and listening skills.

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