Get your toddler out for a walk at one of Rockville's parks.

Activities for Children in Rockville, MD

by Amy Sutton

Smart moms like you know it's vital to have activities on your go-to list for when you need them. Toddlers and preschoolers are little bundles of energy that need a constructive outlet to put some of that energy to good use and keep you from losing your mind. Rockville, located in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, has plenty to keep your little one busy and happy.


Sign your munchkin up for a toddler or preschooler class in Rockville. Mommy and Me and Daddy Too! (, held at Rockville Town Square, offers story time, singing, crafts, art and even prizes. Expose your kiddo to the world of music with a Music Together ( class at the White Flint Children's House. This mixed-age class gives little guys the opportunity to learn by watching older children and parents sing and make music. Check out the Preschool Playlabs at the Adventure Theatre Musical Theater Center ( Your toddler could take an Explore with Dora and Diego! class with crafts, Spanish and adventures. Take your preschooler there for pre-ballet, too, so he can learn the basic movements and posturing of ballet.

Parks and Recreation

Find out what the City of Rockville's Recreation and Parks department ( can offer your child. Get yourselves outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine at one of the 65 Rockville city parks. Let your little busy body run, climb and slide to use up some energy. Jump right in and play along with him and let the giggles begin. Let your little man give soccer -- sign him up for the Tiny Kicks Division of the city's youth soccer league so he can learn the fundamentals of soccer and all about teamwork. Visit one of the community centers for Toddler Time with kids 5 and under or Tiny Hoopers, a basketball program for 4- and 5-year-olds.


You can head to the Rockville Memorial Library (, rain or shine, for some fantastic activities. You can snuggle up in the children's section with your little one on your lap and share some stories of adventure or just plain silliness. Participate in one of the programs offered, like Saturday Preschool Storytime for your 3-1/2- to 5-year-old with crafts, fingerplays, songs and stories, or Square Kids Mommy and Me for ages 2 and up.

Indoor Play Spaces

Are you looking for an indoor play space so your little guy can blow off some of that steam on a rainy or cold winter day? Go to Chuck E. Cheese's ( where he can play games, go on rides and soak up the entertainment, all in a kid safe environment. He'll love the Toddler Zone and climbing through the Skytubes. While you're there have some pizza so you don't have to cook when you get home. (Bonus!) You can also stop by BounceU ( for a bouncing good time during Open Bounce. Check the schedule on the BounceU website to find dates for the Preschool Playdates, which include a snack for your kiddo and two hours of play time with other munchkins. Your cutie will have a blast bouncing to the music and playing games with everyone.

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