Have fun planning a football-themed party for all guests to enjoy.

Activities for a Football Themed Child's Party

by Victoria Thompson

Your preschooler may announce that this year he wants a football birthday party. If he sits with Dad on the couch every Sunday glued to the television watching football, then this should come as no surprise. Get creative with the theme and develop activities that he and his party guests will remember for years to come. One, two, three, hut! Time for some football party planning!

Face Painting

Set up one or two face painting stations, depending on the number of kids attending the party. Gather your supplies of non-toxic paints, small brushes and stencils. Using stencils, you don't have to be a Picasso, just able to paint inside the boxes. At the end of the party, each child should be satisfied with a football on his cheek or logos from your little one's favorite team stuck to his face.

Breakthrough Banner

Get some butcher paper and write Happy Birthday in large letters in your child's favorite team colors. When all the kids have arrived, let everyone run through and break the banner to let the festivities begin. The birthday honoree will feel like a real football player rushing onto the field to start the game. Of course give your child a head start breaking the banner, since it's his day or you may never hear the end of it.

Football Photos

Create personalized party photo favors. Recruit Dad as the official photographer for the day. Provide a small jersey for the guest to wear for the photo. Helmets and under-eye football grease are optional. Instruct on how to hold the ball and do a football pose on one knee, then then snap away. Print the pictures and place in plastic magnetized frames that each guest can take as a reminder of his day as a football player.

Ball Through the Hoop

Find out who has the best throwing skills or who can get the small plastic football through a hula hoop. Move the hula hoop closer for smaller guests. Each child has three tries to get the ball through. Everyone gets a prize, even for zero out of three balls going through. There are no losers at this party.

Break the Pinata

Fill a football-shaped pinata with small prizes like washable tattoos, memo pads and markers. Blindfold your little one and give him the first try. Make sure everyone steps back in case he has a wild swing. You don't want any bandaged kids leaving the party. Give as many children a turn as possible before the pinata breaks. If the football has proven unbreakable, once again recruit Dad to get the task done. The kids won't mind; they just want to go running for the prizes.

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