Many 4-year-olds use every minute of the day for learning and growing.

Activities for Four-Year-Olds

by Kathryn Hatter

If you’ve got a chatty, vivacious 4-year-old keeping you company, perhaps you’re wondering how to keep him busy. No worries--he’s probably got that covered. Activities for 4-year-olds encourage exploration, imagination and creativity. These youngsters are a busy set, full of energy and ideas as they learn about life.

Reading Activities

Some 4-year-olds are showing signs that they’re ready for independent reading and others have a ways to go. The good news is both groups of youngsters are completely normal, according to the Child Education Center. Provide daily activities that will encourage an interest in reading concepts. One of the best ways to spark your little one’s interest and imagination is to sit and read aloud. As a 4-year-old starts to notice letters and words around her, point out the words on signs and labels. Give your little one time writing to learn how to form the ABC’s using traceable templates or stencils for easy instruction.

Pretend Play Activities

A 4-year-old’s imagination could keep her going all day long. From hopping around like a frog to pretending to drive a school bus, 4-year-olds notice everything and then incorporate it into pretend play. Provide toys that will spark the imagination, including play food and kitchen items, stuffed animals, dolls and dress-up clothes. As your little one cooks you spaghetti in her play kitchen, pretend to gobble it up with delight. Help her dress up like a princess or make a zoo with stuffed animals, too.

Active Play

A rambunctious 4-year-old probably has enough energy for the entire family. Outside in the yard or at the park, he will exhibit a variety of gross motor skills. Play hopscotch to practice jumping and counting. Skip rope to practice coordination and jumping. Play tag to give your 4-year-old plenty of exercise and running activity. Encourage climbing on playground equipment–supervised, of course–to build coordination and strength. A 4-year-old also has the ability to pedal a tricycle or a small two-wheeler with training wheels, according to the Family Education website.

Organized Activities

By this age, your preschooler has enough maturity to participate in organized classes and activities. Some common activities that appeal to 4-year-olds may include dance, gymnastics, t-ball, soccer and martial arts. Don’t overextend your tot, but you might want to sign her up for a class to see if it clicks with her. You never know–you might have a budding ballerina or a star soccer player on your hands.

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