Don't worry: you'll still have a life as a housewife.

Activities That Housewives Do

by Kelly Sundstrom

So you want to take a break from that nine to five job to stay home with your children, but you might not know what to expect. If you are used to getting out of the house all day for work, it can be a transition when you don't have to do that anymore. You might wonder what activities housewives even do? What are your responsibilities and how can you find time to socialize now that you are out of the workforce?

Maintaining the Home

Take care of your home by cleaning, organizing and decorating it. Many women create a space that always feels clean and put together. If you have a lot of children, however, keeping a tidy home all of the time can seem impossible. Do you feel like there is never enough time in the day to make your home look presentable and beautiful? Instead of trying to make your house look like a magazine, make sure it is clean and hygienic. As long as you do not have grime in the corners, on the floor or on the counters, then it doesn't really matter if your toddler or preschooler has toys and books all over the floor. Always put all of your cleaning supplies behind child-proof cabinets or high up on shelves that your little one cannot reach.

Tending the Children

You don't have to have children in order to be a housewife, but if you do, you understand how much time and effort it takes to tend your children and take care of them properly. Develop a daily schedule so your toddlers and preschoolers know what to expect during the day. If your little ones feel like life is unpredictable, they may react by throwing tantrums or acting out. When you make a schedule, avoid adding too many activities and classes for your little one. Although you can add these things in later, first just make sure to include meal times, snack times, naps and play times. Toddlers and preschoolers need at least three meals and three snacks per day, and a balance of active play and rest throughout the day.

Creating a Social Life

Just because you're a housewife doesn't mean you can no longer have a social life. It may have been easier to meet friends when you had a job or went to school, but you can still create an active social circle for yourself by doing activities that involve other housewives like yourself. If you have kids, consider signing up for a mommy-and-me class with your little ones, or spend time at your local park or playground in the middle of the day when other moms will be there. If you do not have children, volunteer at your church or community center, or join a workout center to take group classes with other women.

Supporting Your Spouse

Do you have a spouse who works outside the home while you maintain the home and hearth? Create an atmosphere that is relaxing and welcoming to support your spouse. Make a meal plan that includes homemade dinners prepared ahead of time. To make your life easier, use a crock pot to start the dinners in the morning, or prepare a larger amount of food so that you can freeze some of it for quickly prepared dinners later. Think hearty stews and soups, lasagna, spaghetti and pot roast with vegetables.

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