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Activities for Kids in Subdivisions

by Kelly Sundstrom

Parents often sign their little kids up for a ton of activities, including ballet, Pee Wee baseball or gymnastics. However, if you just want your child to socialize and have fun with other kids, save your money and show your kids how to have fun right in their own subdivision with exciting and interactive activities.

Obstacle Course

Using ordinary household items and toys, set up an obstacle course in your yard for all of the kids in the subdivision. For example, lay down hula hoops to jump through, arrange empty milk jugs to weave in and out of and create a maze out of empty egg cartons. You could even arrange small token prizes for the winners, such as a packet of crayons or a baggie of pretzels.

Sidewalk Chalk Competition

Organize a sidewalk chalk competition in your subdivision to allow all of the little children to show off their creative talents. Sidewalk chalk does not damage your driveway or the street, so you can allow the kids to color like crazy without worrying about stopping them. You could even draw out games using sidewalk chalk, such as hop scotch, to enable more active children another opportunity to burn off excess energy.

Bubble Bonanza

Young children love bubbles, so you can set up a bubble bonanza in your subdivision using types of bubble wands, bubble blowers and bubble generators. Kids will naturally begin running around and screaming with excitement as your yard fills up with hundreds and thousands of iridescent bubbles. You can also find bubbles in some stores that toddlers and preschoolers can eat. These flavored bubbles have a taste similar to bubble gum, fruit or candy.

Play Silks

You might be amazed when you see how much fun children in your subdivision can have with even the most basic of toys. For example, fill large baskets with colorful play silks and play cloths for the kids in the neighborhood to use to play make believe, to build a fort with or to use as parachutes for small action figures or dolls. This simple activity will entertain young children for hours with minimal effort and setup.

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