Be a happy mom by breaking out of your rut.

Activities for Moms to Break Monotony

by Dana Hinders

When you decide to start a family, the one aspect everyone forgets to tell you is that sometimes being a mom is boring. Cooking, cleaning, supervising homework and breaking up sibling squabbles can be tedious work for even the most patient woman. To break up the monotony, you need to make a conscious effort to seek new experiences.

Find a Playgroup

Playgroups serve two important functions for mothers with young children. They offer the opportunity for your children to socialize with other children and they give you an opportunity to share some of the ups and downs of parenting with people who know what you're going through. If you can't find organized playgroups in your area, start a group by using free tools such as Facebook groups or email listservs to find parents who would like to participate. Church basements, community rooms and park shelters provide cheap meeting places.

Have a Themed Family Movie Night

At the end of a long day, watching TV often seems like the best way to relax. However, try to break up the monotony by having a themed family movie night. For example, you could watch "Finding Nemo" together after enjoying a seafood dinner and teaching your kids how to make hand-print goldfish crafts. For the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," you could have the kids make their own golden tickets or help you prepare chocolate truffles to snack on during the movie.

Embrace the Staycation

Make it a goal to plan at least one staycation day for your family per month. Use this time to explore plays, farmers markets, museums, hiking trails and other affordable local attractions. If your children are old enough, consider taking turns letting each family member pick the staycation destination. This takes some of the planning pressure off you and lets you learn more about your child's changing tastes.

Ditch the Kids

Sometimes the best way to break up monotony is to take a break from your kids and seek solitude. Hand your children off to your husband or hire a babysitter for the day. Spend the entire day doing something slightly "selfish" that you wouldn't normally indulge in. Try on shoes at your favorite department store and treat yourself to a pair of sexy high heels. Go out dancing with your favorite childless girlfriend. Head to the movie theater to see a film that doesn't feature talking bunnies or giant cartoon robots. A break to clear your head will recharge your batteries and give you the emotional boost you need to be the best possible mom for your children.

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