Prayer cards can help your child make prayer and every day occurrence.

Activities With Prayer Cards for Children

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

Prayer cards can help kids establish a prayer habit. You can make prayer cards for your child, help your child make prayer cards or purchase prayer cards from many religious merchandisers. Include different types of prayers on the cards, including prayers of intercession, thanksgiving, confession, praise and meditation. Encourage your child to read, recite or sing prayers.

Prayer Box

It can be helpful for a child to record how God answers her prayers. Give your child index cards to record her prayers on, or print prayer cards on your printer, including a space for the prayer date, subject, answer and answer date. Your child can decorate the prayer cards with symbols or colored frames to indicate the type of prayer, such as blue praying hands for intercession, green fruit for thanksgiving, purple clapping hands for praise, red drops for confession and white flame for intercession. Decorate a box with the symbols or colors for holding the prayer cards while waiting for answers and a photo album to store them when they are answered. Tell your child, “When you group types of prayers together, it will be easier to find the right card when your prayer is answered.”

Bible Prayers

The Bible contains many prayers you child can recite. Use religious pictures cut from greeting cards, religious magazines or Sunday school papers to cover one side of an index card and print the prayer on the other side. Choose one prayer card each day to learn the prayer or recite it when it becomes familiar. Your child make a card for the Lord’s Prayer found in Matthew 6:9-16 or Luke 11:2-4. Find prayers from the Psalms in Psalm 119:33-36, Psalm 119:89-90 and 93-94, Psalm 119:169-175, Psalm 51:10-11 and Psalm 139:13-16. Practice these with your child and talk about the meaning of each prayer.

Intercessory Prayers

Prayer for others is known as intercessory prayer. Your child can intercede for people she knows, strangers, leaders and organizations such as your church or a favorite charity. She can use pictures of the person she is praying for, logos for organizations or a picture of the world when praying for world peace. Have her create 30 different intercessory cards, one for each day of a 30-day month, praying for her needs on the 31st day. Have her stack the cards in a small prayer box or holder so she can rotate that day’s card to the bottom of the stack after her prayer time.

Prayers of Agreement

In Matthew 18:19-20, Jesus tells his disciples that whatever two or more people agree on in prayer will be done. Your child can use prayer cards to get others to agree with him in prayer over something he feels is important, such as praying for a sick relative or friend or praying for people affected by a natural disaster. Help your child compose a short prayer and type it in a business card template. Print off a sheet of the prayers he can separate and pass out to friends and family. Have him ask for a prayer commitment from each person who accepts a prayer card.

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