Preschoolers are keen to explore their creativity.

Activities for Preschoolers About the Color Orange

by Joann MacDonald

During their preschool years, children are keen to explore their creative sides, without the anxiety that some older children and adults have about getting their artwork "just right.” This is a perfect time to discover the beautiful colors of the rainbow. By beginning with just one color, you can engage your preschooler in a variety of simple activities that both of you will enjoy.

Creating Color

Your preschooler will be interested to know that orange is created by combining two other colors. Demonstrating how to make the color orange is a hands-on activity that will appeal to your child's natural curiosity. For example, you could use small vials of food dye to demonstrate how orange comes to life. Ask your child to mix one drop of red dye with two drops of yellow. Your preschooler will be fascinated to see the two colors combine to become orange.

Color Tray

You don't have to use up a lot of time or resources to create engaging activities based on the color orange. It can be as effortless as making a color tray with your child. Using a muffin pan, have your little one search the house to find an orange object for each of the muffin cups. Your child might return with a piece of fruit, a baby carrot, a mini pumpkin, an orange sock or a small orange toy. Preschoolers will be proud to gather these items independently of mom.


As you are experimenting with orange, your child might notice that the color orange doesn't always look the same. Like any other color, orange can appear lighter or darker, depending on how much white or black makes up its color mix. To explore the different tints, tones and shades of orange, try having your child cut out orange pictures from old magazines. Glue the pictures together on a blank page to make a collage.

Out and About

You can continue your explorations of the color orange while you are out and about with your preschooler. For example, before you head to the grocery store, print pictures of orange fruits and vegetables to bring along. In the store, have your preschooler point out the items from the pictures. This has the added benefit of occupying your child in the grocery store, and we all know how helpful that can be to a harried mom.

On your way home from the grocery store, have your preschooler point out orange items, such as fall leaves, flowers, street signs and road pylons.

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