Make a model of your neighborhood with boxes.

Activities for Preschoolers About the People in Their Neighborhood

by Tania K. Cowling

What does your child want to be when she grows up? Some kids may say a teacher, an airline pilot or even a trash collector. This is the time to teach your preschooler about the community helpers in your neighborhood. Help them to see how people who invest time and energy in their chosen career are showing they respect their work as well as care about others. Spend some quality time with these community helper activities to introduce your little learner about the people in your town.

Cardboard Town

Collect small cardboard boxes (ones from foods and small gifts). Discuss how to build a town with your child. Should it include a fire station, grocery store, school and church? Who are the community helpers that work there? Paint the boxes or cover them with construction paper. Draw on windows, doors and other important details with markers. Add toy people and cars to make your town complete.

What Happens to Our Letters?

Give your preschooler the opportunity to make a card to mail. Provide paper, crayons and stickers and let your youngster decorate the card as she wishes. Put this into an envelope and address it to your child. Don’t forget the stamp. Meet your postal carrier at your mailbox or walk to your nearest post office and let your child mail the card. Talk about how letters go through the mailing process. Have your child meet the postal carrier each day to wait for her letter to arrive.

A Bookmark for the Librarian

Take your little learner to the library’s story hour. Explain how the librarian reads books but also has other jobs in the library. At home, bring out the art box and make bookmarks to use her borrowed library books. Make one for the librarian as a thank you gift for her services. Present the bookmark to the librarian at your next visit.

Pretending to Be a Florist

Ask your pretend florist to help arrange fresh flowers for your home. She can cut the stems with safety scissors and arrange them in a vase. If you don’t want to use fresh flowers, try silk ones. Discuss the variety of flowers and colors. Talk about how florists make floral arrangements to send to people on special occasions.

A Doctor for Animals

Does your child have a menagerie of stuffed animals? Provide a toy doctor kit and give each animal a health checkup. Listen to their hearts with a stethoscope. Wrap a sore paw with a bandage. You be the assistant to help your little veterinarian take care of all her animal friends. Explain that animals need a doctor just like children.

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