Use the Bible as a reference to teach God's love.

Activities to Teach Teens God's Love

by Ann Daniels

Teach your teenager about the love of God through activities that demonstrate the concept. Grasping the concept of God's love can be challenging. Spend time with your teenager and use a variety of hand-on activities to demonstrate the lesson about God that you are sharing with your teenager.

Corner Activity

Demonstrate to your teenager how the love of God multiplies when you share it with other people. Write “God’s Love” on a large sheet of paper. Explain that the sheet of paper has four corners. Cut off one corner and give it to your teenager and show her that the piece of paper now has five corners. Cut off the remaining original three corners to show that there are more corners on the original piece of paper every time you give a corner away. This activity demonstrates that each time you give love to someone else, you are left with more of God’s love.


Encourage your teenager to volunteer for a cause he is passionate about to help other people. Activities such as volunteering at a homeless shelter, collecting food for a food drive or mentoring poor children shows the same type of altruistic love that God encourages. Explain that God loves everybody and that your teen can demonstrate God's love through service, volunteering and giving. In the Bible, God encourages his followers to volunteer and give back to those in need.

Gratitude Box

Create a gratitude box with your teenager for an activity about God's love. Purchase a small wooden box at a craft store or use an old shoe box to get started. Decorate the box with paint, stickers and other decorations. Ask your teenager to collect photographs of what she is thankful for, such as her family, friends or car. She can also write down experiences, relationships or other things she is grateful that she has in her life to include in the box. Explain to your teen that God is love and he is the reason for all of the items that she is grateful for receiving.

Bible Study

Schedule a time with your teenager for a Bible study. Talk about God’s love and what it means to your child. Read the Bible together and study verses that talk about God’s love. Show your teenagers verses such as Psalm 136:1-3, which talks about God’s love enduring forever. John 3:16 is another verse to read together that talks about God loving the world so much that gave the life of his only son to give the people of the world everlasting life.

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