Even little kids can dig peace and love.

Activities to Teach Young Children About World Peace

by Piaf Azul

If we hope to achieve world peace in the coming decades, the next generation will need to value peace and work towards the goal of harmony among all. While achieving world peace is a complex, adult problem, you can begin laying the groundwork with your own child. Your preschooler is not too young to learn about world peace, as long as you keep the activities upbeat, simple, and close to home.

Make Art, Not War

The peace sign and the white dove are powerful symbols of peace and brotherly love. Introduce them to your preschooler and invite her to incorporate them into her artwork. She can paint or color in a dove on a piece of paper or cardboard. She can glue beans or dry pasta in the shape of a peace sign. Use an old pillow case and fabric markers to make a peace flag to fly by the front door.

Sing It Loud

Music makes learning fun for your preschooler and the songs she learns will stay with her for a lifetime. Inspire her with peace-themed songs such as John Lennon's "Give Peace a Chance." Sing these with your child during her daily routines, such as at bath time or on the way to preschool. Or invite your friends over for a peace concert and have each person to sing a song on the theme. A compilation of kid's peace songs makes a soothing lullaby CD.

Peace Begins at Home

Empower your child to become a peacemaker in her own life. Help her brainstorm ideas for how she can handle conflicts with siblings and classmates in a more peaceful way and write down her ideas on a sheet of poster board to come back to regularly. Or she can help collect blankets for the homeless or canned goods for the food bank. She could choose to stop playing war games or give away her toy weapons.

Celebrate Peace Day

The United Nations has declared September 21 to be International Peace Day. Mark this occasion with your child by decorating the house with white doves, making pancakes shaped like peace signs or singing peace songs. You could even host a peace party on September 21 and invite guests to share why world peace is important to them. Start a new family tradition such as making a peace pie or lighting a white candle on this day so you can keep coming back to the idea of world peace year after year.

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