Creative activities improve a teen girl's self-esteem.

Activities to Help a Teen Girl Express Herself

by Dana Hinders

Having a constructive way to express herself helps a teen girl deal with the challenges of adolescence. Even if your daughter doesn't paint like Frida Kahlo or write like Jane Austen, creative hobbies help teens improve their self-esteem and resist peer pressure while giving them a sense of control over their lives.

Bedroom Mural

Painting a mural in her bedroom lets a teen girl express herself in a unique way. Help your teen sketch out a design that reflects her favorite things. Choose paint colors that blend well with the rest of the room decor. Take the sketch to an office supply store and have it printed on a transparency. Rent a projector from a local craft store. Trace the design onto the wall and paint, as desired.

Inspiration Board

An inspiration board is a large bulletin board filled with different elements that the creator finds inspiring. It is similar to a collage, but as your teen’s inspirations change, so will her inspiration board. Help your teen create an inspiration board to display in her room by choosing items to display such as photos of friends, magazine clippings of outfits she likes, maps of places she wants to visit and postcards with quotes she finds meaningful.

Memory Quilt

If your teen is involved in extracurricular activities at school, she probably has a large collection of souvenir t-shirts. Turn her favorites into a meaningful decoration for her bed by cutting them into equally sized squares and sewing them together to make a quilt. You can add another layer of meaning to the quilt by printing favorite photos onto iron-on transfer paper and adding them to blank squares in the quilt.

Time Capsule

Help your teen create a time capsule to open at some point in the future, such as the day she graduates from college or the day she gets married. Collect photos and memorabilia that describe her life as it is now. For example, a time capsule might include clippings from the school newspaper, the medal she won when her softball team went to the regional championships or dried flowers from the corsage she wore to prom. Have her write a letter to read when she will open the time capsule. If you wish, you can also include a letter of your own as part of the time capsule.

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