Simple activities will spark your toddler's interest in black scientists.

Activities for Toddlers Pertaining to Black Scientists

by Wannikki Taylor

Black scientists and inventors made many contributions to the United States with their achievements. As a black history lesson, teach your toddler about some of these scientists. Crafts and games can be used as learning tools and will encourage him to remember who the scientist was and what he was known for.

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver is the pioneer behind finding many uses for peanuts and other agricultural products. Familiarize your toddler with the scientist by letting her make her own peanut creations. Pour one jar of peanut butter, 6 tablespoons of honey and three-quarters of non-fat dry milk into a large bowl. Let your toddler mix the ingredients together until the ingredients are well-blended. She will be able to use the edible dough to make dinosaurs, animals and other creations.

Benjamin Banneker

Benjamin Banneker, an astronomer, is credited with constructing America's first functional clock. Introduce your toddler to Banneker's useful invention by letting her decorate her own clock. Turn a paper plate over and write numbers one through 12 in corresponding order on it. Punch a hole in the center. Cut two strips, one shorter and one longer, to be the clock's hands. Fasten the strips on the clock with a paper fastener. Let her use stickers and markers to decorate the clock.

Mae Jemison

Mae Jemison, an astronaut and physician, was the first black female to go into space. Let your toddler pretend to be an astronaut like Jameson with an easy game. Use a large piece of paper to make a planet. Place the planet in the middle of the floor. Have your toddler jump around outside the planet. Play some music. Explain to him that every time the music stops he must run to find a place on the planet.

Garrett Morgan

Inventor Garrett Morgan created the first traffic light signal, the precursor to today's traffic light. Let your toddler create her own edible traffic light to remember Morgan's invention. Break a graham cracker in half along the dotted line. Spread marshmallow fluff on the graham cracker. Pour colored chocolate-covered candies in a bowl. Pick out one of each - red, yellow and green. Let your toddler place the candies in traffic-light order on the cracker.

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