Toddlers really do need age-appropriate activities to entertain and stimulate them.

Activities for Toddlers in Rochester Hills, MI

by Jennifer Zimmerman

Keeping toddlers busy can be challenging, unless you don't mind when they draw on the walls and peel the labels off your spice bottles. Finding appropriate activities is a great way to keep toddlers entertained and then tuckered out enough to nap. Rochester Hills, Michigan provides a number of fun activities for your toddler.

Yates Cider Mill

Yates Cider Mill ( has activities that toddlers will love. Your little ones can feed the farm animals, hop on a pony ride and watch the pulp car dump apple pumice into the dumpster. Rochester Hills' historic mill also sells fudge, popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream and many apple products. Yummy. And a scenic half-mile river walk is perfect for your toddler to test his walking skills, while you explore with him.

Deborah's Stage Door

When you're ready to work off the treats you had at Yates Cider Mill, head over to Deborah's Stage Door ( for Mommy and Me dance classes. The school has dance classes for all ages, as well as acting and voice classes for those 6 and up. At two and a half, students can begin taking ballet, tap, gymnastics or tumbling independently. Tots love the fun make-believe aspect of baby ballet class, which is also sometimes called pre-ballet.

Music Together

If dance isn't your thing, a Music Together class ( is another option in Rochester Hills. These classes teach rhythm, tone and other musical ideas for children as young as 8 months. Toddlers will get to play instruments, learn movements and sing songs. The current local classes are for infants through age 4, but siblings are welcome also. Parents participate with their toddlers so that they can incorporate the ideas at home.

Rochester Hills Public Library

The library is a great place for toddlers to learn about the world around them. Families can borrow books, music or movies. At the Rochester Hills Public Library (, the youth room also has a fish tank that's sure to intrigue toddlers. The best part of the library, at least for toddlers, is most likely story time. This public library has "Toddle Time", for kids under 2 who are walking, "Terrific Twos" for 2-year- olds, "Big Fun" and "Family Fun" story time for kids of all ages and "Fun-Sign", which emphasizes learning American Sign Language. Worn out at the end of the week? You could take your toddler to story time several times each week. Letting your young ones listen during story time gives you a break and is rewarding for both of you.

GTC Gymnastics Center

Toddlers can start at GTC Gymnastics Center ( when they are 12 months old and keep at it until they are age 18. Classes for toddlers require a parent or caregiver to attend. These classes emphasize developmentally appropriate gross motor skills, and learning how to listen and follow directions. Classes for toddlers are 45 minutes long -- so hopefully, they'll be ready to nap afterwards.

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