Instead of cringing when your food flies out of your chopsticks -- laugh it off.

Addressing Awkward Moments in Dating

by Nina Edwards

Did you say you turned beet red after running into your ex while on your second date with your new guy? You deserve a small pity-party but everyone goes through dozens of awkward moments while dating. It’s not the absence of these imperfections but how you deal with them that decide the fate of your relationships. So, the next time you feel like jumping into a manhole -- take a deep breath and muster the courage to keep your head up -- and out of trouble.

It’s Normal

When you are in a new relationship, you are prone to being hesitate, uncomfortable and embarrassed. You may already be swamped with questions about whether you are attractive enough and falling for the right guy. And any glitch during your date can threaten to exploit your insecurities and shatter your confidence.

Screaming Silence

When you are consumed with making the right impression, the dreaded awkward silence can descend upon the dinner table. In addition, it's worse when he can’t find things to say, either. Instead of feigning as if you have an important call to make, try having some topics up your sleeve to rescue these moments. What better way to see if your date is a good match, then to bring up some things you enjoy doing and seeing if you share similar interests?

Make Room for Two

Ever met one of those people who go on and on about themselves, basking in the glory of their own achievements? Make sure not to do this to your date. It is sure to turn him off and make things awkward. Ask questions and be open to learning more about him. Otherwise, as Dr. Phil says in his article, "The Five Biggest Dating Mistakes You Didn’t Even Know You Were Making." Your date could walk away and think there was no chemistry, but be thrilled to have you as his next-door neighbor.

Ditch the Dinner Table

You had a tiring week. You are overworked and stressed out. Finally, when meet up with your date, you’re feeling low in energy but have big expectations for fun. But guess what, your guy feels the same! What can result from this union? Both of you sitting passively and expecting the other person to entertain. Avoid this kind of unnecessary awkwardness by having some fun things to do in mind if things get boring or awkward. Perhaps there’s a midnight showing of that big movie that has been all the rave?

Humor Is Your Savior

We all have bad-hair, spoon-dropping, juice-spilling days. In days like these, let your humor spillover too. Maintaining a sense of humor lets you tackle some of the most embarrassing situations while maintaining your dignity. It also makes you more desirable to your partner, Pamela Regan states in her article, "Liking Some Things (in Some People) more than Others: Partner Preferences in Romantic Relationships and Friendships," in the "Journal of Social and Personal Relationships."

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