K Rain sprinkler heads water the lawn efficiently and discreetly.

How to Adjust K Rain Sprinkler Heads

by Brian Barth

K Rain sprinkler systems are designed to water the lawn automatically with sprinkler heads that "pop-up" from underground to spray water at a set time. These are controlled by a timer box that opens and closes a series of valves according to a programmed schedule. Individual sprinkler heads can be adjusted to spray in an arc between 40 and 360 degrees and for a specific distance. A tool called the K-Key comes with the sprinklers and is used to make adjustments, though a small flathead screwdriver can be used, as well.

Adjusting the Spray Direction

Rotate the top of the sprinkler head, called the turret, counterclockwise until it stops to find the right-hand extent of the current spray arc. Rotate it counter-clockwise until it stops again to find the left-hand starting position of the spray arc. If it has never been adjusted, it should have a 90-degree arc that is set at the factory.

Push the K-Key into the keyhole that is just below the circle with the degree markings on top of the turret and turn it clockwise a quarter-turn. Lift the turret straight up out of the sprinkler housing with the K-Key. Grasp the lower part of the riser below the turret and rotate it independently of the turret until the nozzle arrow points to the left-hand starting point desired for the sprinkler. This is the arrow located directly above the nozzle.

Release the riser back down into the housing and insert the K-Key into the slot in the center of the circle with the degree markings and rotate it until the arrow points to the desired arc angle that will be the right-hand extent of the sprinkler spray.

Adjust the Spray Distance

Turn on the sprinkler system manually to activate the sprinkler head that needs to be adjusted.

Push the K-Key into the nozzle retention screw slot that is located inside the arrow directly above the spray nozzle on top of the turret.

Turn the screw counterclockwise to increase the spray distance or clockwise to decrease the spray distance.

Items you will need

  • K-Key
  • Flathead screwdriver


  • Program the sprinkler system to water in the early morning hours to prevent loss from evaporation.
  • Check the filter on the sprinkler system once per month and clean it with a pressurized hose nozzle if it is dirty. Even small particles of sand or dirt can impact the performance of the sprinkler system.

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