Dating a man with children can be tough, but look on the bright side.

The Advantages of Dating Men With Children

by Wannikki Taylor

The dating scene is full of potential suitors but you think the nice guy who has children could pose problems for you. You may feel his obligation to his kids will cause friction as your relationship begins to grow and you're worried he won't have quality time to spend with you. However, don't kick him to the curb just yet. There are several perks to dating a dad.

Fatherhood Preview

As opposed to dating a guy without children, you'll have the opportunity to see firsthand what type of father he is. Ultimately, this information will tell you if he'll make an ideal father for any children you have together one day. Look at how he addresses his children when they've gotten in trouble or made an accomplishment. His reactions to their behavior will show his parenting skills, such as giving a fitting punishment or providing them with praise. Additionally, you will get a glimpse at the necessary steps he takes to make his children a priority in his life, such as making arrangements for his children to be picked up after school.

Motherhood Role-Play

If you've ever wondered how it is to be a mother, dating a guy with children will give you the perfect setting to go on a test drive. As your relationship grows, the opportunity may arise when he asks you to babysit his children, or his kids may accompany you both on an outing. Test out how it feels to be a mother and ask yourself if you're able to handle taking care of his kids through the experiences you have with them, such as any mishaps or accidents. Don't compromise any rules that he and the mother established just to get his children's approval, but offer them sound advice and compassion.

His Sensitive Side

His countless nights staying up to cater to his children's every need has likely turned him into a more compassionate human being. Thus, the responsibility of raising kids may allow him to be understanding to you. His preferences in the type of woman he dated before he had children will be more compromising. He may not be caught up in superficial aspects of a woman and focus on your deeper qualities, such as the positive ways you interact with his children as opposed to your attractiveness. Additionally, since his relationship with the mother of his children didn't work out, he may be more sensitive to not make the same mistakes with you.

Understands Parental Obligations

If you're a parent yourself, dating someone who has children will mean he already knows how much your own kids are a priority. He will understand when you have to cancel your plans to cater to a sick child or reschedule a date with him to attend a school sports game. When you both aren't able to find a babysitter, bring the kids to tag along for a family date at the zoo or the park. Kids within the same age group will enjoy spending time with their new playmate while you both get to chat. Additionally, he will already know how to act around or cater to your kids from his own parenting experiences.

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