Solar pumps cost nothing to run once you've set them up.

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Solar Pond Pump

by Lynn Anders

Solar pond pumps aerate your pond using only the energy from the sun. Some come with a battery that can store energy so the pump works when the sun isn't shining. While solar pumps have many advantages, the one main disadvantage may outweigh those advantages.

Saves Money

The only cost associated with the pump is the initial cost. Although solar pumps are more expensive than those that run off your house's electicity, they cost nothing to run, once set up. If the pump were using electricity, you would have to pay for the energy to run the pump.

Reduces Pollution

Using a solar pond pump may reduce pollution. If your electrical power comes from oil or coal production, then any use of solar, including a solar pump in your pond, reduces the use of these fossil fuels. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, any solar technology has a negligible effect on air quality and does not produce a discharge that would pollute the water.

Electrical Outlets Not Needed

You can put the solar pump in any spot without concern for where you nearest electrical outlet is located. If your pond is not near a power outlet, then a solar pond pump lets you put in a pump without having to run a long electrical cord around your yard or hiring an electrician to run electricity out to your pond.

Must Have Sun

The main disadvantage to using a solar pond pump is that it must have several hours of direct sunlight every day to work. If your pond has shade most of the day, then a solar pond pump may not work in your pond. Also, the solar panel will need regular cleaning to keep it running efficiently. Any dust, dirt and other debris on the solar panel will reduce its ability to capture the sunlight and turn it into energy. Clean the solar panel as needed with a dry or damp cloth per the care instructions that came with the pump.


When buying a solar pond pump, buy one for your pond’s needs. Some pumps are not designed for large ponds with fish, turtles or other aquatic life. If you have a pond with fish, purchase a solar pond pump that specifically says on the box it is designed for ponds with fish and other animals.

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