Drip system helps grow fresh vegetables.

AeroGarden Directions

by Jennifer Loucks

Grow a garden anytime of the year using an Aerogarden system inside your home. AeroGarden is as a commercially sold, all-inclusive system. The nutrients, seed pods and accessories are sold with the system, with additional items available directly through the company, making the system easy to set up with low maintenance requirements. The system uses a combination of nutrients, water and air to create an ideal environment to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs.

Add water to the reservoir until it reaches the “Fill to Here” line marking. The manufacturer recommends using distilled water or filtered tap water for best results with the grow system. Monitor the water reservoir and add more water to the “Fill to Here” line as needed.

Move the light hood so it is at the setting closest to the planting area when starting the seeds. Raise the light hood as the plants grow taller so the hood remains about 2 inches above the foliage tops.

Set seed pods into the holes in the AeroGarden growing reservoir using the spacing recommendation listed on the seed pod for the type of plant. Tomato plants grow best with two or three pods per garden so there is plenty of space for the large size. Smaller plants can be set closer together. Place the dome covers on top of each seed pod to increase the humidity during germination.

Remove the dome covers from the seed pods once the plants start growing and sprouts appear.

Place one nutrient tablet in the water reservoir to provide food for plant growth. Clean the water out of the reservoir every two weeks and add new water and another nutrient tablet.

Pinch off the weakest sprouts in each seed pod so the strongest one sprout remains growing once they are 2 inches tall.

Pollinate plants with flower blossoms by hand by gently shaking the stems of each plant to move the pollen around once the blossoms open. This is required for tomatoes, peppers and other blossom-producing plants.

Support tall plants by inserting support stakes next to the pods. Tie the stem to the support with soft plant ties or strips of fabric if needed to hold the plant in place. Support stakes are sold separately from the system.

Monitor the temperature around the AeroGarden system so it remains at 70 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit for best results with plant growth.

Place a household fan set to the low setting near the AeroGarden if the air flow around the plants is low.

Items you will need

  • Support stakes
  • Plant ties
  • Household fan


  • Reset the AeroGarden “Add Nutrients” alarm each time nutrients are added to the system. Press the “Reset” button one time so it stops blinking and resets for another two weeks. Hold the button until the words “Add Nutrients” appear and blink, and then press it one more time to stop the blinking for the AeroGarden 3 system.

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