Most women want support, style and comfort for alternative bra camisole styles.

Alternatives to a Bra Camisole

by Mercedes Valladares

Support throughout the day in a "two-for-one" style is one of the main reasons women wear bra camisoles. Though certain styles have soft-stretch trimming along the scoop neckline with adjustable straps and a built-in shelf bra -- a cupless bra with a wide elastic band under the breast -- wearing the camisole shell and bra undergarment throughout the day can often cause discomfort as well as a bulky layer. Several silhouettes are available in longer lengths, finishing at the waist, while other styles combine the longer length with an underwire insert within the cup. Trade in this style with comparable alternatives keeping shape, support and comfort a top priority.

Zone-Compression Undergarments

For those ladies requiring shaped body areas as well as extra support throughout the day, manufacturers have developed body-shaping undergarments with zone-compression technology. Compression panels are inserted in different areas to shape, shift, lift, push-up and diminish certain zones within your body shape. Available in upper body or bra silhouettes, the zone-compression undergarments also slim your sides as well as smooth your back area. Check the size chart and description labels to help you make the best shopping choice for your specific needs to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Shaper Garments

Although shapers and bra camisoles appear to look like the same garment, shapers do not include the built-in shelf bra. Shapers are generally made of fabric blends with high percentages of Elastene, Lycra and/or spandex. This type of textile stretches horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Referred to as a four-way stretch textile, it causes the garment to retain its natural shape during natural movement without creasing or sagging in any unwanted areas. Shapers made with this fabric have a form-fitting silhouette as well as a snug fit giving you comfort and support throughout the day.

Yoga and Pilates

Exercise enthusiasts that build their day around yoga or Pilates class are generally on-the-go women. Manufacturers have created collections specifically geared for active women. These textiles are primarily made of cotton/Lycra, nylon/spandex as well as polyester/Elastene blends. The fabric conforms and stretches with the body during movement while retaining a snug fit. Though fabric blends vary, these textile types provide fabric recovery, which refers to fabric returning to its natural state after stretching. Though styles and fabric weight also vary, certain silhouettes include a double layer of fabric at the front of the garment for added support.

Seamless Bra

Since most women lead active lifestyles, seamless bras are another option for those days you want comfort and support to last you throughout the day. This one-piece bra type -- generally packaged in a box -- is made in a seamless silhouette offering comfort, style and support. Available in a variety of colors, the seamless bra is sized as small, medium and large. Made of a nylon/spandex blend, the bra -- available with or without pads -- does not have a tight constricting band. The form-fitting shape conforms to your body without a bulky layer.

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