Model walks the runway in a wedding gown accentuated by a floral hair accessory in place of a traditional veil.

Alternatives to Wearing a Bridal Veil

by Danielle Jennings

As decades come and go, bridal fashions and accessories change with each passing moment, as self-expression becomes more important than conventional style. One of the easiest ways to incorporate a bit of personal style into your wedding attire is to forgo a veil in favor of an alternative headdress. With fashion designers keeping "her" in mind, your options are endless.

The Wedding Hat

Deciding to wear a hat for your wedding is not only a bold choice, but one that comes with a myriad of options. There are a variety of different hats or caps to choose from; the choice all depends on how you want to look on your wedding day. Go the fun route and opt for a miniature top hat, or pack on the elegance in a pillbox hat with an attached veil. For a full dramatic effect, wear a skullcap-like wedding hat that covers your entire head.

The Wedding Headband

With just a touch of sparkle, shimmer or luxe fabric, a headband worn as an alternative to a veil is a fashion-forward and understated choice. Headbands don't command as much attention as a traditional veil, but they add a subtle aspect to your wedding attire that begs romance. Just like regular headbands, those specifically designated for weddings are available in a host of colors, embellishments and finishes, so have fun experimenting. Additionally, the size of your headband is also an aspect of preference, as bigger styles will command more attention.

Wedding Flowers

In terms of simplicity, there are few wedding veil alternatives that compare to the subtle placement of flowers throughout your hair to complement your wedding attire. Arguably, the most classic way to place flowers in your hair for a wedding is off to the side; however, this is definitely not the only way. A crown of flowers is ideal for an outdoor wedding, while a large cluster of blooms worn throughout the hair can have the same dramatic effect as a traditional veil. Most importantly, though, is deciding whether to wear fake or real flowers on your wedding day. Naturally, fake flowers have an eternal shelf-life, but there is something to be said for the beauty of fresh flowers at a wedding.

The Wedding Headwrap

For those who want to be unique boundary pushers, there is one wedding veil alternative sure to do the trick -- the headwrap. Many women who choose to wear headwraps do it as a form of acknowledgement to their culture; however, you can wear one simply for fashion's sake. Whether you decide on silk, satin or tulle, your wedding headwrap should be elegant and glamorous, because it needs to have a very dressy appearance. When tying your headwrap, wear it in a turban style or tie it across the back of your head with a portion cascading down your back.

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