Construct built-in storage cabinets and bench seats to maximize a space with sloped ceilings.

How to Arrange Furniture in a Sloped-Ceiling Attic Bedroom

by Mary Cockrill

Make an attic bedroom with a sloped ceiling work for you by creating a well-designed furniture arrangement. Whether it's a hangout for your kids, an extra bedroom for overnight guests, or your own master suite, how you arrange the furniture has a direct impact on the room's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Don't fight an awkward sloped ceiling -- it's not going anywhere, so use it to your advantage when you situate the furniture pieces.

Sleeping Area

For an attic bedroom, leave the floor underneath the apex of a sloped ceiling unobstructed for a clear walking path with maximum headroom. Use the space below the lower angled section of a ceiling for the sleeping area. Place the head of a bed under the lowest part of the ceiling, or situate a bed parallel to a sharply angled wall. Install built-in twin beds below an angled ceiling to make the best use of an awkward space. Your kids will love the cozy feel created by the low ceiling. If there is sufficient vertical space in an attic bedroom, construct two sets of bunk beds in lieu of the twin beds to provide additional accommodations for your kids' friends when they sleep over.

Extra Storage

Make the tricky area below a sloped ceiling go to work for you by supplying extra storage space. Situate low-profile open shelving units, cabinets, dressers or chests of drawers beneath a steeply pitched ceiling for stashing your kids' toys, clothes, books, electronics and other personal items. Furnish the open shelves with brightly colored plastic bins, woven baskets or metal pails to conceal small items such as building blocks and art supplies. Build a fixed structure, such as a bench seat with enclosed storage space, under a dormer window for convenient seating with a hidden storage compartment or drawers underneath.

Study Space

Create a study space in the area below a slanted ceiling. Push a student desk against the lowest part of an angled wall to fashion a snug spot for your child to do his homework. Slide a comfortable chair underneath the desk to encourage your kid to study at his workstation. For a guest room or master suite, place an attractive writing desk with a stylish chair under the angled ceiling to deliver a welcoming spot to write a quick note or work on a laptop. Furnish the space with a petite desk topped with a glass desktop and supported with slender chrome legs to add a modern look to a small attic bedroom.

Other Ideas

Measure your attic bedroom and ceilings to develop a pencil-and-paper or computer-generated room sketch. Next, measure the bedroom furniture to create paper or virtual furniture pieces you can shuffle around in the sketch before physically moving them. Create a sitting or lounging area beneath a ceiling incline by placing a low-profile couch, loveseat or chairs in the space. Make sure there is enough headroom to sit in the furniture. Bean-bag chairs deliver colorful, budget-friendly seating for kids and teens, while low-back armless chairs offer a comfy seat for adults without taking up much space.

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