Place a loveseat around a fireplace or other focal point in the room.

How to Arrange a Loveseat in a Bedroom

by Mary Cockrill

A loveseat in your bedroom invites you to curl up with good book or cuddle up to your significant other while enjoying some quiet time together. But finding where to place it may have your head spinning. Take into account the available floor space, architectural features of the room and your personal preference when deciding the ideal location for your loveseat. Measure your bedroom's dimensions and its furniture pieces to create a pencil-and-paper or computer-generated floor plan to scale. A floor plan allows you to visualize furniture arrangements that include your loveseat, while it saves you from having to move furniture around the room until you find the arrangement that works.

Room Divider

Arrange your loveseat to function as a room divider in your bedroom. Divide an open-concept bedroom and bathroom by situating a loveseat with its back facing the bath area to provide the illusion of two separate spaces. Create an independent sitting area in a large bedroom with a square furniture arrangement. Place two loveseats facing each other with a pair of comfortable armchairs to complete the square-shaped grouping. Plunk a round coffee table in the center of the seating layout to supply a handy spot for placing drinks or snacks. The round table also breaks up the harsh, straight lines of a square arrangement by offering soft curves.

Nook or Corner

A recessed bedroom nook or corner offers an ideal location to park your loveseat. Create a reading nook by nestling a loveseat into a recessed wall area, making optimal use of an awkward space. Add a swing-arm floor lamp at one end of your loveseat to provide an adjustable task light for reading. Station a small accent table at the other end of your loveseat to visually balance the furniture arrangement with a convenient spot for stacking current reading materials. Angle your loveseat diagonally along a bare corner as an alternative to a parallel wall arrangement.

Focal Point

A bed typically stars as the main focal point in any bedroom -- but it is not the only center of attraction. Set your loveseat to take advantage of a secondary focal point, such as a fireplace or television. Position a loveseat in front of a cozy fireplace to provide a comfortable spot to relax and unwind. Add additional function by setting a small table topped with a decorative lamp at the end of your loveseat and an ottoman in front of it for resting your tired legs. A cushy loveseat provides comfy bedroom seating for watching your favorite television shows. Savor an outdoor view by facing your loveseat toward a large picture or bay window in your bedroom.

Foot of a Bed

Opt for the appeal of a five-star hotel by arranging a loveseat at the foot of your bed. This grouping delivers a visual extension of a bed to create a grand appearance in the room. When space permits, add a small coffee table in front of the loveseat for added function and aesthetic appeal, or group a small set of nesting tables beside your loveseat in a bedroom with limited floor space. If you prefer, exchange an ottoman for a coffee table to function as a table and footrest.

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