A comfortable bed offers a cozy lounging spot for your teenager.

How to Arrange Your Teenage Daughter's Bedroom

by Mary Cockrill

Get your teenage daughter's input before you start reorganizing her bedroom. Although it's your house, it's her bedroom, so let your daughter have a voice in arranging her personal space. Sit down together and chat about her bedroom needs and wants and jot down a prioritized list. Next, create a decorating budget and bedroom arrangement to address those items.


After you develop a list of your teen daughter's bedroom needs and wants, take time to measure her room to see how much floor space is actually available for reorganizing. Transfer the room dimensions to a piece of graph paper or input them into a design software program in order to create a computer-generated or pencil-and-paper sketch that's to scale. Measure the furniture you want to keep and additional pieces you want to acquire to make paper or virtual furniture that you can play with on your sketch before you physically move them.


Pull together your teenager's bedroom with coordinating fabrics for the windows, layered bed linens and upholstered furniture pieces. Allow your daughter to select those items within your established revamping budget to give her a sense of ownership in the design process. Arrange her room decor with highly appealing, visually pleasing wall colors and window treatments. If a bright-colored wall behind her bed is important to your daughter, allow her to paint it purple, lime green or cherry red -- remember, it's only paint and you can easily cover it with a fresh coat at any time. Fill her walls with painted canvasses, framed photographs, shadow boxes or metal sculpture to heighten the room's visual interest.

Activity Zones

Divide your teenager's bedroom into zones to accommodate her predetermined activities. A good night's sleep is essential to the well-being of a growing teen, so a comfortable sleeping space is the most important zone in her room. Place your daughter's bed in a cozy corner, centered along a long wall, or float it in the middle of a large bedroom. Avoid situating her bed under a drafty window or where it will obstruct the primary walkways. Arrange a lounging zone for your teen to hang out with friends by adding a click-clack sofa that serves double duty as an extra bed for a friend sleeping over. Consider additional room furnishings, such as colorful bean bag chairs, a plush area rug and oversized floor pillows, to create a comfy space for your daughter to entertain friends. Don't forget to organize a study zone for your teen. A student desk and ergonomic chair provide the basics she needs for doing homework.

Closets and Storage

Arrange your daughter's room with lots of storage space. Add a hutch to the top of her desk for organizing school supplies, books and computer-related items. Furnish the bedroom with a dresser and chest of drawers to keep T-shirts, underclothing, socks and pajamas neatly arranged. A vertical shelving unit placed against a bedroom wall doesn't require much floor space, but provides ample display area for collectibles, trophies, awards and framed photographs. Fit the shelves with woven baskets to conceal small electronics and personal items. Restructure your daughter's closet with a customized organizing system to make optimal use of the space. Double hanging racks offer twice the storage space for shirts, slacks, dresses and skirts. Include stacking cubicles, open wall shelves, a jewelry armoire and an over-the-door shoe rack in her closet to systematically store purses, shoes, hats, sweaters and sports equipment.

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