Use many three-part crafts to visualize the Holy Trinity.

Art Activities About the Holy Trinity for Kids

by Anne Reynolds

Introducing your child to who God is can be explained by describing his first walking experience after letting go of your hands. Both involve faith. Whether you send your little one to Sunday School, as you worship in the main sanctuary or keep him by your side through a traditional liturgical service, teaching the concept of the Holy Trinity is one of the main doctrines of Christianity. Many children’s art activities help your child visualize who the Holy Trinity is.

Who is the Holy Trinity?

Even though Christians believe there is only one God, the Holy Trinity encompasses three parts: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. While this concept may be confusing to your child, think back to his potty training days. Once he grasped the idea of using a toilet, it became second nature to him. Demonstrate the reality of the Holy Trinity by cutting an apple in half. Note how the three components are similar to the three parts of the Holy Trinity. While the peel covering reflects God the Father’s protection, the apple core represents Jesus the Son, who is the center of a Christian's belief in a Messiah. Just as the seeds make the apple grow, the Holy Spirit helps believers grow in faith.

Shamrock Crafts

Your preschooler brings you a bouquet of three-part green clover leaves found in your backyard. He hasn’t been this excited since the discovery that dandelion bunches make you smile. Take this opportunity to explain how St. Patrick’s teachings used shamrocks as an example of the Holy Trinity. Help your child trace a shamrock on green construction paper or draw three attached green hearts and cut out. Glue on some glitter to the surface or make a single-hole punch around the perimeter, weaving yarn through each hole. Make a shamrock garden by dipping your preschooler’s index finger in washable green paint. Stamp his finger three times forming each shamrock. Complete by drawing the stems.

Braiding Projects

Braided hair is a concrete example of the Holy Trinity, since it takes three strands of hair intertwined together to form a braid. Even if your son does not have long enough hair to braid, he can still grasp the concept by learning braiding techniques. Cut three different colors of yarn, string or ribbon into one-foot lengths. Teach him the three-strand braiding technique. Once he becomes proficient, create together a bookmark to use in his Children’s Bible. Leave a couple inches on both ends and form the braided portion into a bracelet. Create a cross by tying together two separate braids.

Think Outside the Box

Any craft composed of three parts can be used to illustrate the Holy Trinity. Winter snow storms entice any child to bundle up, go outside and make a snowman. If your preschooler can't create a snowman using real snow, draw a snowman together on a piece of paper. Spray paint each section, pointing out how each ball represents Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Triangles are natural visuals of the Holy Trinity, since each point represents a different person of God. Cut out enough triangles to fit around a paper plate. Help your child color each triangle tip using three different colors. Form a wreath cutting a hole in the middle of the paper plate and glue each triangle connecting them in various patterns on the plate.

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