A few leaves provide a different look.

Attaching Silk Flowers on Branch Centerpieces

by Lorna Hordos

Branch centerpieces are earthy and organic, but may be a little uninteresting without a touch of color. Attach silk flowers to create something more formal, interesting, seasonal or festive, or that simply goes better with your decor. By properly securing the flowers on key parts of the branches, your centerpiece will appear natural.

Color in Bloom

Smaller silk flowers are not as weighty or difficult to attach to branches as large ones. Use fruit-tree branches for faux apple, cherry or peach blossoms, or wild roses as a springtime centerpiece. A winter arrangement might consist of willow or maple branches with a dusting of metallic spray paint, and red carnations or a separated cluster of white oleander. In a blue dining room, complementary orange zinnia or cosmos stand out. On an average-sized centerpiece, 10 to 15 flowers provide a natural look; too many blooms detract from free-form branches.

A Sticky Situation

Hot glue dries quickly, and a glue gun is easy to work with; just don’t touch the hot tip or hot glue to avoid a burn. Wearing a pair of clean garden gloves can help to protect your hands. Arrange your branches neatly in a vase. Use wire cutters to remove the flowers’ stems. Decide where on the branches you will attach the flower tops for a relatively even but imperfect look; kids may enjoy helping with this part. You can achieve a natural result by attaching tops on the tips and a few throughout the branches. Apply glue to the base of the flowers and work with one at a time. When it’s time for a seasonal or festive change, simply grasp the base of a flower with one hand and the branch with the other, and carefully pull them apart.

Wire for Hire

Employ craft wire for the job of attaching slightly large or heavy flowers to branches if glue doesn't work. Cut all but 1/4 inch of the stems from your flowers. Wrap the stem portion tightly with a 5-inch piece of wire, leaving roughly 2-inch ends to wind around a branch. Snip off any excess wire and position each flower to hide it.

Care and Cleaning

Before attaching the flowers, spray the branches with wood sealer to preserve the natural arrangement, and take care of any uninvited guests of the bug sort that may reside in the wood. As for settling dust, clean your branches and flowers as you would a silk plant: Run them under a gentle shower or carefully dip them in a tub of water. Hang the washed parts to dry.

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