Remove garments from the dryer as soon as they are dry to avoid wrinkles.

How to Avoid Wrinkled Clothes

by Amy Davidson

Wrinkles can take even your finest garment and leave it looking tattered and disheveled. Wrinkles can be caused by poor laundering, less-than-optimal storage or clothing care in general. If you hate putting on clothing only to find unsightly wrinkles, there are a number of tricks you can utilize to keep your garments smooth and wrinkle-free.

Wash Carefully

Always follow the instructions listed on care labels when washing garments. Whether hand or machine washing, remove garments immediately after cleaning and give them a gentle shake to loosen any twisted fabric. Also be sure to untangle clothing that has become entwined during the wash. If you allow wet clothes to sit for too long wrinkles can form, so make you're available to attend to garments when they are finished with the wash cycle.

Dry & Remove

Drying clothes can cause wrinkles when not done with consideration. When using a dryer, again follow label instructions with regard to both timing and heat settings. Remove clothes as soon as they are finished drying, so that wrinkles don’t start to form. If your clothes need to be hung to dry, hang them on clothespins with plenty of room so that they don’t bunch or tangle with other clothing. You can also lay them flat, but this will take a bit longer to dry.

Ironing To Prevent

Ironing your clothing after drying not only smoothes the fabric, but reinforces and keeps the fabric stiff against wrinkles. Do not iron fabrics that instruct not to, as this can actually melt certain synthetic fabrics and cause irreparable damage. For those clothes that can take ironing, spray with water or starch thoroughly and methodically iron in sections.


Folding clothes is great for storage space, but can leave wrinkles without proper technique. Lay the article of clothing out flat and smooth; then spray it down with a layer of liquid starch. Always fold inwards and at seams. For example, lay a T-shirt out flat and fold the sleeves inward at the seam; then fold the bottom up and repeat once more in the center. Pants can be laid flat and folded in half lengthwise at the inseam, then folded upward in half once or twice as needed for space.


Hanging up clothes is the best wrinkle prevention available, but not always a great space option. Hang clothes immediately after they are dried or ironed. Help your pants hang straight by using clip hangers that grasp the waistband, or fold pants in half lengthwise and drape them over the bar of a hanger. Don’t hang clothes tightly together; instead allow them to dangle with a little space between them to prevent bunching and further wrinkling.

Quick Fixes

There are a few quick-fix options you can use, should you notice any wrinkles and are in a hurry. Wrinkle-releasing laundry sprays can be found at most drugstores and are great for treating slightly wrinkled clothing in a flash. Hand-held steaming devices can be plugged in and heated up quickly to remove a few problem wrinkles.

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