Babies are curious, so be sure to baby proof your drawers and cabinets.

How to Baby Proof to Keep Drawers Closed

by Matt Smolsky

It doesn't take long for babies go from crawling to pulling themselves up to getting into things they shouldn't. Even the most attentive parents can have trouble keeping up. That's why baby proofing your drawers and cabinets is such an important task for expecting and brand-new parents. There are a variety of easy to install drawer latches that make the drawer simple for an adult to open, but impossible for a baby to get into. Keep in mind that baby proofing shouldn't be counted on as a foolproof way to keep your baby safe. Each little one requires lots of attention, especially when they start to crawl.

Purchase the most secure drawer latch you can find. There are a lot of choices sold at home centers, hardware stores and baby stores. Baby safety latches are not difficult to install, so let security be the determining factor in your purchase. If at all possible, avoid latches that rely solely on adhesive.

Pull the drawer from the cabinet and empty out all the items.

Put the drawer on a table or other work area where you can easily access the inside front of the drawer.

Position the latch about 1 inch from the inside edge of the cabinet frame and mark where to drill the pilot holes.

Select a drill bit that's slightly smaller in diameter than the screws you'll use to secure the latch.

Measure the length of the screws. Use masking tape to mark how deep you need to drill into the drawer.

Drill the pilot holes and attach the latch to the drawer with a screwdriver using the screws provided with the latch kit.

Return the drawer to the cabinet and mark the position for the catch. Remove the drawer from the cabinet.

Mark where to drill the pilot holes for the catch. The size and length of the screws will likely be the same, so you'll be able to use the same drill bit. However, double check to make sure that the screws are the same size.

Drill the pilot holes and attach the catch with a screwdriver and the screws provided.

Return the drawer to the cabinet, shut it, and ensure that the latch holds securely when you try to open it.

Items you will need

  • Drawer latches
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Drill bits

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