Turn duplicates of favorite baby toys into unforgettable first Christmas tree decor.

Baby's First Christmas Tree Decorations

by Anne Goetz

Commemorate your baby's first Christmas with an eclectic assortment of tree decor crafted from clothing, toys and memorabilia. You'll revisit this precious, fleeting year each holiday as you unpack ornaments handmade from scraps of favorite baby clothes, photographs and the toys and storybooks that your child couldn't live without during that unforgettable first year.

Handprint and Footprint Ornaments

Baby's handprint and footprint are probably two of the most important memories new parents want to immortalize. Incorporate them into your Christmas decor by pressing baby's hand or foot gently onto a non-toxic ink pad and then onto a small piece of pink or blue -- or any color you like -- card stock. Write your infant's name and the date in pretty calligraphy or script and take the memento to your local photo lab for lamination. Include a small photograph on the back before you have it laminated. Or try a less-messy variation on this theme by tracing around baby's extremity on tissue paper, cutting around the tracing and using a decoupage medium to paste it onto a colored glass ball ornament.

Time Capsule Ornaments

Your local craft supply store should carry clear acrylic ball ornaments that open down the center to fill with small mementos such as sand and shells from the beach. You can also use it pop in a duplicate (very important) of a favorite pacifier or wrist rattle, tie it with a bow and display on the Christmas tree as a reminder of those precious first months. You can also find these small, clear containers in a variety of shapes, including stars and trees. Use them to create tiny time capsules of baby's first year by filling them with photographs, scraps of baby clothes and bits of paper with typed print detailing baby's favorite foods, stories and toys.

Ornaments From Real Toys

The infant section in your local toy store is often the prettiest and most-inspiring department. Incorporate that look in your Christmas decor by decorating the whole tree in colorful baby toys. If you try this idea yourself, be sure to use duplicates of your baby's favorites, and not your child's actual toys. Turn bright, plastic rattles, colorful animals and even favorite storybooks into tree decor with just the addition of ribbon, tape and a hanger.

Ornaments From Baby's Clothing

Imagine a tree decorated in tiny stockings crafted from baby socks. Embellish the socks with sequins, beads or embroidery, or leave them plain and stick a simple wire hook through the fabric to hang them. Try the same idea using no-scratch mittens. Or, purchase the smallest size embroidery hoops from the craft department and stretch remnants of outgrown baby clothes in each for a truly economical solution to first Christmas tree decorations.

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