Dry egg powder works almost exactly the same way regular eggs do.

Baking With Dry Frozen Whole Eggs

by Samantha Lowe

Dry-frozen ingredients are staples of many mountaineers' or survivalists' pantries. However, they can also be a staple in a busy mom's life, whether she climbs mountains or manages a family. Lasting longer than their fresh counterparts, powdered dried eggs offer a quick way to add protein to a meal or whip up a quick batch of muffins without having to worry about popping out to the store.


Use freeze-dried eggs almost anywhere you would use regular eggs in baking. The emulsifying and binding properties of the whole eggs remain almost the same in recipes, and as a result, can be used anywhere whole eggs are called for -- from breads to cakes to custards. The few exceptions to this include Danish pastries, frozen desserts and meringues. Because the egg is dried then powdered as a whole, don't try to use freeze-dried egg in any recipes that call solely for the egg yolk or egg white.


One egg equals 2 tablespoons of powdered freeze dried eggs. For most baking recipes, the eggs do not need to be reconstituted before being added. Instead, measure out the needed amount of eggs and sift them into the dried ingredients. When doing this, add more of the liquid ingredients called for in the recipe in a ratio of 2 parts liquid for every 1 part egg added. For example, if using 2 tablespoons of powdered eggs in a muffin recipe where yogurt is called for, increase the yogurt by 4 tablespoons when whisking together the wet ingredients.


Rehydrate the eggs to their liquid form by mixing 2 parts water to every 1 part egg powder. This creates a liquid egg that can be used in dishes like quiche or custard. However, for a thicker, richer egg, try using milk or cream instead of water to reconstitute. For specific instructions, follow the directions on the egg packaging, which may have certain requirements for their specific brand of freeze-dried whole eggs.


Make meringues by using powdered egg whites rather than the dry-frozen whole eggs, which will not foam and peak in the same manner. Alternatively, you can use meringue powder, which has cornstarch and sugar or cream of tartar in it to help create the desired effect. Freeze-dried powdered egg whites are also a low-fat alternative to the powdered whole eggs.

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