There are easier ways to entertain your child in the bath.

Bath Time Crafts for Kids

by Rosenya Faith

If you're having a tough time convincing your youngster to hop into the bathtub, a few creative crafts might just entice her to take the plunge. If she loves the water so much you can't convince her to get out, crafts will just make bath time even more exciting. You can have fun making these crafts for the bath with your child before you run the water and then bring them along to use repeatedly in the bath.

Bath Crayons

He'll be so excited when you let him color all over the walls -- with bath crayons, of course. You can make bath crayons into some of your youngster's favorite shapes to make the craft even more exciting. Combine three cups of soap flakes, a cup of water and a few drops of food coloring, press the mixture into candy molds and let the crayons firm overnight. When the crayons are ready, just turn over the molds and tap them out on wax paper. Gather up the crayons for bath time and then wash off the artwork later with a washcloth and your bath cleaner.

Bath Paint

Let your child get messy while she's getting clean in the bath. You can make a batch of bathtub paint so she can finger paint all over the tub or let her feel like a young -- wet -- artist with a handful of paintbrushes to help make her masterpieces. She can even use herself as her art canvas, too. Prepare the bath paint together for a little extra crafty fun. Have your child pour a half-cup water and a half-cup cornstarch into a saucepan, and then have her stand back while you stir and heat the mixture. Add one cup of soap flakes or sensitive skin dish soap, bring the mixture to a boil, and then cool it in the pot. Stir in some food coloring and store the paint in an airtight container until your child's ready for her next bath.

Bath Wall Coloring Pages

If your youngster is tired of making random drawings on the bathtub wall, make a variety of coloring pages to make bath art a little more interesting. Create bath wall coloring pages from acetate film and permanent marker. You can work together to draw pictures on blank acetate sheets or place a coloring book page beneath the sheet and trace an outline of the picture with marker for your child. Stick the sheets to a damp or wet bathtub wall and then let him color in the new pictures with bath crayons or bath paint. When bath time is over, you can wash off the sheets and reuse them again later.

After-Bath Goodies

Make sure your child can step out of the bath in style with some glamorous after-bath wear. You can customize her bath towel by helping to write her name across it with fabric markers. For her bathrobe or hoody, pull out the craft box so she find a few glam-worthy embellishments, such as satin ribbon bows to trim the neckline or the hem, sequins to secure randomly all over with a sewing needle or fabric glue, glittery puffy paint pens to make decals on the chest or hood, or a faux fur boa to sew around the collar. To complete the post-bath style, embellish a plain pair of slippers with buttons, felt flowers or craft foam shapes, or tie ribbons or fabric strips around the straps of a pair of flip-flops to make shabby chic bath slippers, instead.

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