He should learn hygienic hair care no matter what style he chooses.

A Bathing Checklist for Teenagers

by Amy Pearson

Even though your teen might not want your advice regarding choices in clothing, hairstyle or his friends, he likely could use some suggestions to help update his daily bathing routine. As his body goes through constant changes, proper hygiene can help improve confidence and self-esteem. Most teens probably do not want you to post a written bathing checklist on the wall, but a mental checklist of areas to cleanse, shave or moisturize can be very helpful.


A high quality shampoo is a staple cleansing item for most teen girls, but teen boys should not neglect their hair either. If you notice that your teen has dandruff, a medicated dandruff shampoo can help. As glands begin to produce more oil, your teen might need to wash his hair more often to keep it from appearing greasy. Depending on the texture of your teen’s hair, a high quality conditioner might help soften it and reduce frizz. If your teen uses styling products, try to find gels or creams that are marked as “oil-free” to help keep hair from becoming weighed down or greasy, TeensHealth recommends.

Facial Cleansing

Even though lack of hygiene is not to blame for most teenage acne, gentle cleansing might help reduce inflammation on your teen’s face and keep oil production under control, according to the Mayo Clinic. A gentle and unscented cleanser is a good choice for teen boys and girls. If daily cleansing is not enough, your teen might need a specially created acne cleanser with Benzoyl Peroxide to help fight breakouts, Healthy Children reports. Even though breakouts can seem devastating to your teen in the moment, encourage him to start with more mild acne treatments to avoid irritating the skin. A dermatologist can determine the best course of action to fight more severe teenage acne.


Sports or active extracurricular activities might cause your teen to sweat even more than he normally would and hormonal fluctuations might increase his body odors. A body wash or bar of soap and washcloth can help keep odors in check and quickly cleanse even the most hurried teen. Both boys and girls should opt for unscented and gentle soaps. Teen girls might want to shower more often during their periods to help them feel cleaner, although more extensive internal cleansers should not be used, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Other Areas

Even though some teens grow more hair than others, boys must learn how to manage and shave unwanted facial hair. Some boys might be more comfortable using an electric razor, while others prefer a razor and shaving cream. Girls are obviously no stranger to the shaving game either. Your teen should not neglect oral health. Remind your teen to brush at least twice a day and floss often, as Kids Health recommends.

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