Natural tones create the perfect beach retreat.

Beach Home Interior Colors

by Jenna Fletcher

Beaches conjure positive feelings of tranquility and memories of long summer days spent playing in the sun. Let these sunny images inspire the decor of a beach house. Bring the mood of the beach into your beach house with a shoreline color palette. Choosing the perfect color scheme for the interior of your beach house will quickly set a mood that echoes the beach and create a retreat for your busy family.

Natural Tones

One of the easiest ways to bring the beach into your home decor is to mimic the colors of the shoreline. Think of the colors of the coast: the soft beige of the sand, the bright blue sky, the dark blue-green ocean, the soft muted greens of the grass, and the whites of the clouds and the breakers on the waves. Choose a bright neutral sandy beige or the crisp breaker white for your walls and intersperse soft bright blue with throws and pillows. Sea grass can be potted and brought into the space as table centerpieces or as floor decorations.

Coral Pink and Red

Use clean white and soft beige as the primary colors in your beach house decor, but spice it up by incorporating warm coral pink and red. Look for throw pillows or rugs in bright coral pink that have an organic pattern reminiscent of the coral that color is mimicking. Go bolder and paint an accent wall this punchy color. Either way you go, bold or not, incorporate pops of coral color throughout your space to tie it together. For example, pair a patterned set of coral throw pillows with some coral-colored vases and pieces of faux coral on a shelf or table. If choosing to paint the bold accent wall, use more subtle hints of coral pink throughout your room, omitting big throw pillows in favor of a coral charger on a table.

Tropical-Inspired Colors

Maybe a more saturated color palette is more your style. Colors inspired by vibrant tropical flowers and foliage and even by tropical fish can suit a beach home beautifully, particularly a beach home in a similar climate. Look for hibiscus pink, bright saturated yellows, bright blues, and citrus greens. Go as bold or subtle as you want with these colors. If deciding to go bold, a citrus green or lemon yellow interior keep the room feeling airy and light; choose two secondary colors to scatter through your room with accessories. To take a more subtle approach, use more whites or deep tropical woods and use the vibrant tropical colors in your accent pieces.

Nautical Colors

Nautical color schemes give any home a coastal feeling. Navy blue, red, white and mustard yellow comprise the bulk of this color palette and evoke the feeling of a yacht club or sailboat. Paint the wall a medium shade of navy blue. Use crisp white for trimwork and any main furniture pieces. Incorporate red accents, such as a white lighthouse knicknack with red trim or a red wicker basket, or red throw pillows in the shape of a life preserver.

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