As a Christian parenting coach, you provide effective parenting tools.

How to Become a Christian Parent Coach

by Kathryn Rateliff Barr

A Christian parent coach helps parents figure out how to be the best parents possible using a model that's anchored in the Bible. You'll want to thoroughly investigate your options and choose a reputable Christian training program with credentials through a nationally recognized organization such as the American Association of Christian Counselors, the International Christian Coaching Association or the Parent Coaching Institute.

Investigate training programs provided by or affiliated with Christian counseling organizations. You will want to compare prerequisites for training, cost, time frame for the training, arrangements for completing a practicum and whether the program requires you to attend on-site classes or offers distance learning. Programs such as the one offered through Light University Online are completed online in a period of five weeks at your convenience. Programs such as the one offered through Parent Coaching Institute use home study materials, call-in classes and on-site workshops.

Submit an application to the program with all the required documentation. Some programs might require a college transcript and a written Christian testimony or letter of recommendation from your pastor. Enclose a check for enrollment, taking advantage of any early enrollment discounts or full-pay discounts you qualify for.

Begin your coursework once you have been accepted as a student and your course material arrives. Finish assignments on time and get them in to your instructor. Participate in call-in or online classes as required. If you have difficulties with the material or with completion of an assignment, contact your instructor for assistance.

Take advantage of opportunities to put your training into practice. Textbook material and online work is good for getting the basics, but you want practical experience before you hang your shingle and start accepting clients. Check with your training organization for practicum options before the completion of your program. A practicum gives you an opportunity to put theory into practice with coaching and counseling professionals who oversee and assess your coaching skills.

Complete your training program and receive your certificate or diploma, depending on the type of training program you chose. Consider joining a professional Christian coaching organization that offers continuing education and networking with other parent coaches. Your training organization could offer membership in such an organization as a part of your educational package. Membership in a professional Christian coaching organization can provide an additional level of professionalism to your parent coaching practice.

Solicit clients for your practice. Consider talking to your pastor and offering a discount to church members to get your practice going. Offer to teach a short parenting workshop at the church or through crisis pregnancy centers and faith-based family shelters to alert potential clients to your parent coaching practice.

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