Enrich your life by becoming a foster parent.

How to Become a Foster Parent in Minneapolis

by Heather Montgomery

The decision to become a foster parent can result in positive rewards for not only the foster child but also your family. While the goal for a foster care child is often reunification with the biological family, children who are in foster care need a loving family to help care for and nurture them while in the foster care system. In some cases, adoption is possible for a child for whom you become a foster parent if the state terminates the biological parent’s rights. There are several steps to becoming a foster parent in Minneapolis.

Contact the Hennepin County Foster Care program by phone at 612-348-5437 or in person at the Health Services Building, 525 Portland Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55415, to inquire about becoming a foster parent. You will need to attend a foster parent informational meeting, at which you will receive a foster parent application and fact sheet.

Determine whether you meet the qualifications for being a foster parent. As a foster parent, you must be 21 years of age or older, be one year out from a divorce or significant life change, can be married or single, have adequate transportation, be able to provide fully for your current family financially, have a flexible work schedule and have experience with children.

Fill out the application and fact sheet in full. The information you will need to provide includes your family dynamics, marital status, address, health information, criminal history, name, birthdate and substitute caregivers list.

Fill out and complete the fingerprint cards for each family member and obtain a full background study with an approved background study provider.

Schedule a home study with a social worker. The home study includes a home safety check to make sure you have adequate safety precautions in place and that your home is able to accommodate a foster child. Your family will also sit down for an interview with the social worker to determine the right foster child fit for your family.

Wait for approval from the state of Minnesota for your foster care license. The entire process for licensing can take up to six months in Hennepin County.

Schedule your foster parent training course with Hennepin County to complete the final phase of the licensing process. The course takes place over seven three-hour training classes.

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