A woman can command a man's attention.

How to Become the Kind of Woman Men Chase

by Lucy Hart

From adolescence through adulthood, women try to discern what men truly want. Many have worn makeup, wonder bras and revealing clothing, only to find that their crushes had their eyes on another prize. Everyone has ideas as to the type of women men want to date, but research shows that an attractive woman embodies specific characteristics that leave men wanting more.


Men like to pursue women with self-confidence. Self-confident women are less needy than women with low self-esteem and do not need reassurance or additional compliments. Women with a positive self-perception often display more interest and curiosity in other people, prompting men to continue pursuing them. When a man approaches you, take the time to listen to what he has to say. Hold eye contact with him, and let him know that you are interested in getting to know him. He will be attracted to your confidence, increasing his desire for you.


Men do not want to be a woman's main source of fulfillment. Get involved in hobbies, social events or classes. Work diligently on your career goals. Men find career women alluring because they can pull their own financial weight in the household. Being active will give you more to talk about with a man, and he will desire to be a priority in your life.


Learn to be flexible as you approach a relationship. Show a date that you're willing to let him pick the restaurant or movie. Long-term relationships often require you to reschedule or compromise your plans, so keep a positive attitude when you experience inconveniences. Having a smile on your face will work in your favor because men find a woman's smile to be her most attractive facial expression.

Physical Traits

Men find specific physical traits irresistible, such as full breasts, long legs, narrow hips and gorgeous teeth. Men also prefer brunettes over other hair colors. All women have specific features that are beautiful, so enhance your traits that are most flattering. And consider adding a little red to your wardrobe -- the University of Rochester reports that red enhances a man's attraction to a woman. Putting your best foot forward will keep men wanting more.

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