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Bedtime Crafts for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

Bedtime can be a difficult time of the day for a lot of preschoolers; they’re still wound up from the day and aren’t interested in letting the fun end just yet. Have fun with your child and make bedtime a little bit easier at the same time by creating some fun bedtime-related crafts. Your preschooler may even begin to look forward to bedtime a bit more.

Bedtime Routine Board

Getting your preschooler into bed can sometimes be a struggle but a bedtime routine chart can help to get him off to dreamland easier. Make the bedtime chart from a large piece of poster board and draw lines to separate the days of the week and the tasks he needs to complete. Have your preschooler decorate the chart with stickers, markers and crayons. Post the chart on the fridge with magnets and then let him help pick out some special little magnets from the store. When he goes through his bedtime routine, have him put a magnet on the chart for each task he completes.

Bookmarks for Bedtime Stories

Make bedtime stories extra special with a custom made bookmark for the two of you to keep track of your place in the story every night. Start with a piece of construction paper, poster board or even felt, and cut it into a long rectangle. If you’re using a paper material, let your preschooler decorate the bookmark with markers or crayons and stickers in the theme of her favorite story. If you’re using fabric for the bookmark, supply your preschooler with fabric markers or paint to decorate it. She could even decorate it with a bedtime theme with moons and stars.

Bedroom Mobiles

Add to your little munchkin’s bedroom décor with a custom mobile over his bed for him to look up at every night. Help your preschooler cut out pictures of some of his favorite things from magazines or picture books and have him glue these onto thicker poster board backing. Poke a tiny hole in each one and thread some string through the pictures. Cover a clothes hanger with some decorative fabric or paper and hang each of the strings onto the clothes hanger. Insert a hook screw in the ceiling to hang your mobile from, and the project is complete!

My Blanket

Transform a plain blanket into something special for your little one to cuddle up to at bedtime. Lay out the blanket on a flat surface and hand your preschooler some fabric pens and markers and fabric paint to use to decorate it. If she wants an iron-on decal or two, let her place them on the blanket and then iron them on for her.


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